ZeRo Saga: Smash Wii U’s King Yet Reigns

December 20, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

We’re in that informative proviso of esports where people are now spasmodic arguing who among a manifold fields of competition truly deserves a accolades heaped on them. The latest Game Awards nominated a likes of Faker, Coldzera, Hungrybox, and others. The remaining bastions of Starcraft honour lift a ghost of elder titans like Flash to a forefront, with a bequest that dwarves a lifespans of many games, most reduction competing players.

And nonetheless these lists, these arguments, these conflicts of names and deeds are incomplete. Near a finish of a second year of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, as a sleet falls and a chill of winter freezes a story books on this section of a game’s rival history, it’s been done as transparent as discriminating ice that usually one male deserves to be deliberate a aristocrat of Smash 4.


To loosely counterfeit a late good Terry Pratchett, what creates a male a aristocrat isn’t a resplendence and rite of a court. What creates a dominion isn’t resources and bullion and glamour. All that comes afterward. All that is the result of what creates a king.

What creates a king, in a beginning form, before any of a excellence is possible, is one man, a clever arm, and a pointy sword. A dominion is fake on a substructure of bodies — a bench done of degraded ambitions.

ZeRo has subjugated a best of mixed continents.

So have others, of course. The legends of South Korea mount on their possess tier, with a total record though frequency gnarled by “foreign” esports talent. The fact alone is that their prevalence over any esports they hold is so undoubted that a rest of a universe are seen as outsiders to what, with each year, seems to be their healthy birthright.

And if that is a case, afterwards ZeRo owns Smash 4. And nowhere was this done some-more transparent than on a initial day of ZeRo Saga as one male stood alone opposite 12. 

ZeRo Saga Runback Results

44 games, 36 victories, 0 sets lost. This wasn’t usually ZeRo’s continuation tested opposite a gauntlet 12-deep. This wasn’t “just” ZeRo opposite a best players in a world. This was ZeRo faced only opposite opponents that have taken victories off him in a past.

This was ZeRo winning opposite contingency that would’ve done any other esports “great” hesitate. 

The bulk of Gonzalo Barrios’s feat contingency not be understated. It contingency not be unacknowledged. When deliberating a “greats” of esports, it contingency be acknowledged: in his field, underneath any condition given to him, he has no equals.

Melee has a 5 gods, though Smash Wii U is monotheistic.

The Age of Myth

You know what it looks like with ZeRo’s homing in on a kill. It’s a down-tilting applause during his opponent’s feet, a discerning rambling roll-around to their back, another that pops them adult into a air, and a rocketing blast of fists to send them drifting into a horizon. Or it’s a mid-air tackle off a ledge, and we being forsaken loyal down into a infernos of a reduce blast zone. Or a unconditional stately dismissal, a palm fluttering we divided as an up-air sends we hurtling out of his court.

Or months and rags previous, it was a sleet of needles pinning we into a ideal position. A gatling gun of forward-airs tossing we off a side. A pixel-perfect blast as he disappears — and so does your stock.

Or when he’s feeling looser, some-more relaxed, and we — humiliatingly — poise not a smallest hazard to him: a knee, a punch, a Raptor Boost.

There was usually though one time that ZeRo was anything brief of a ideal player, when a one loyal God of Smash 4 was shown to literally bleed. A palm damage and an extended recovery, travelling May to September. A fibre of china medals, and dual concerning drops out of a tip 8 entirely.

But given then? 

Abadango Saga. The Big House 6. KTAR XIX. UGC Smash Open. Smash City LA. All conquered

12 rivals, a corpses of a degraded laid on a cooling dry sands of Las Vegas.

One for each mislaid contest given a Super Smash Bros. Invitational on Jun 10, 2014 — for each detriment given a game’s release. And one some-more to sign a deal.

If that isn’t greatness, afterwards there is no such thing.

If ZeRo isn’t a greatest, afterwards mass doesn’t exist.

Long live a king.

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