Image credit: Ray Styles

Which impression should be combined to a Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS register next? That’s a doubt Nintendo acted to fans yesterday when it launched a new voting portal. Microsoft’s Xbox trainer Phil Spencer has now weighed in, observant he’d like to see Banjo a sugar bear from Rare’s iconic platformer series.

Not usually does Spencer consider it “would be cool” if Banjo was combined to a lineup, nonetheless Microsoft and Nintendo have worked together before, so it’s doubtful there would be chartering issues.

Twitter user Ray Styles has already put together a image Smash Bros. print for Banjo (and Kazooie). Spencer didn’t contend if he’d also wish Kazooie to seem in a new Smash Bros. game. The dual characters have vastly opposite attributes, after all.

Nintendo’s Smash Bros. impression voting check closes in Oct 2015, so–even if Banjo does make it into a game–you won’t get to play a impression for utterly a while.

New DLC characters are entrance to Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS most sooner, however. During this week’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, a association announced that Mewtwo will be accessible starting Apr 15. Beyond that, Nintendo will recover another new character–Lucas–in June, nonetheless pricing has not nonetheless been announced.