WWE 2K17 DLC News: Super Smash Bros Roster Might Become Reality, But Not Anytime Soon

November 6, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

We came opposite Gamespot’s Facebook page and saw a video uploaded with a doubt for a viewers – “What if Smash was some-more like WWE?”. Gamespot’s video got a response it didn’t utterly design – over 10,000 likes, 3000+ comments, and 8000 shares so far. As a doubt already creates it clear, a video explores a probability of an sparkling star of Super Smash Bros carrying a small WWE flavor. And unnecessary to say, a video is utterly engaging and indeed convinces we into wanting this to happen!

WWE 2K17

The video privately showcases CAW (Create A Wrestler) complement that WWE is famous for and succeeds brilliantly in recreating Nintendo’s Pikachu and Kirby characters. After examination a video, several fans were vehement about a probable crossover between a dual companies. Sadly, a video doesn’t categorically state anything about a crossover and a probabilities of that function are slim. The video is usually a teaser for fans to penchant a “what if” star of WWE season combined to Super Smash Bros.

It’s rarely doubtful that Nintendo will determine to WWE 2K featuring their characters. Besides, going by company’s history, a usually time Nintendo has had crossovers in a past is when it was one of their possess titles, including Smash Bros series. You get to see characters like Cloud (from Final Fantasy VII), Mega Man and a really famous Pac-man appearing in a latest series. But a chances of a same function with 2K is intensely rare.

So it looks like Super Smash Bros will not get WWE season any time soon. But a probability of 2K introducing DLC container that come with customization options featuring other outlandish diversion titles – Red Dead, GTA etc – is high. Would we like to see characters from these titles creation special appearances in WWE 2K17? Share your thoughts in a comments section!

Meanwhile, watch a video that done everybody’s imagination run furious –

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