Wisconsin Basketball Waxes Poetic On FIFA, Super Smash Bros. And “Suckoffs”

March 31, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Who knew that an harmless doubt on possibly Frank Kaminsky is now a fourth-best FIFA actor on a Wisconsin basketball group could lead to such a touching response.

This is possibly opening art, a coexisting meltdown or a Marx Brothers routine. Everything that Sam Dekker, Josh Gasser, Nigel Hayes and Kaminsky contend is flattering easy to follow until Super Smash Bros is introduced during that indicate all goes bonkers.

“All we caring about is a suckoffs.”

Having talked with someone who knows Super Smash Bros terminology, we can endorse that “suckoffs” is not a word that is used to report any pierce or movement in a diversion itself. The poser of Wisconsin basketball’s FIFA and Super Smash Bros rankings will perpetually sojourn a mystery.

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