Will Shovel Knight be a subsequent impression to join Super Smash Bros? [RUMOR]

August 22, 2015 - Super Smash Bros


Normally we don’t put too most batch in rumors and sell listings, though given how right some of them have been for presaging what’s entrance subsequent on a amiibo front, we’re prone to contend this one is a small bit believable. A Spanish tradesman has listed an amiibo for Shovel Knight with a recover date of Nov 27.

Nintendo hasn’t announced anything central yet, though you’ll remember that Masahiro Sakurai announced a ballot where users could opinion on a characters they wish to see combined to a diversion next. Shovel Knight has been intensely renouned among Nintendo fans, as Yacht Club Games has given special courtesy to a Nintendo versions of their games.

Could a blue horseman be a subsequent impression immortalized in Super Smash Bros.? What do we think?

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