What a pros wish from Smash Bros on Switch

May 24, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

If possibly diversion was ported to a new console, what changes do we consider it would need, if any? Balance tweaks? Gamecube controller support?

Michael ‘Nintendude’ Brancato – Splyce – Melee: “Gamecube controller support is a contingency for it to be adopted by a community. Smash players have been regulating a Gamecube controller for over a decade and that would unequivocally be unfit to change during this point. For Melee, a diversion contingency be an matching pier of one of a Gamecube versions of a diversion though any technical hiccups (Smash 64 on a Wii VC had this problem). Balance changes could be good in speculation (for Melee), though it would be a formidable change for a village given we work underneath an arrogance that a diversion never gets patched. For Smash 4 we consider a change patch would be fine. Graphical upgrades such as widescreen and HD would be acquire changes we think.”

Charles ‘Cactuar’ Meighen – Splyce – Coach: “For Melee vets, GC controller support is a prerequisite for any long-term joining in converting to personification on a Switch. Balance changes would substantially be frowned upon, as one of a things we (at slightest I) conclude about a diversion is that a metagame has grown within a immobile environment. Except wobbling, they can unequivocally mislay that.”

MacD: “That’s an easy no for Smash 4. It is in an generally good mark right now. There are so many viable characters and it’s all about a players. Melee doesn’t need change changes, though picking between NTSC and PAL versions would be interesting. This is a convo that I’ve had with Melee peeps. NTSC is what is seen during all a majors given it’s in a US, though PAL is technically a latest chronicle of Melee. The thing is some of a impression changes in PAL were outrageous (Sheik is a easiest example). It’d be a opposite meta that NA has never dealt with, and many substantially wouldn’t want. There are some teenager changes that we consider would be good, though it becomes tough to pull a line of what is an fine change if things are impression specific.”

Shroomed: “Gamecube controller support is an comprehensive must. we don’t have adequate rival believe of Smash 4 to form a good opinion, though if we had to collect something, I’d take out a fury mechanic. You shouldn’t get stronger since you’re stealing bodied, IMO. For Melee, this is a unequivocally tough doubt since it’s such a sandbox game. we have no thought what strategies competence be innate from any little change. An apparent change that would immediately urge a altogether competitiveness of a diversion would be a chronicle of Pokémon Stadium that didn’t transform. That, and stealing haunt hits.”

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