What ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Runner Up Clapping Really Sounds Like

February 25, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

For a past fifteen years, a Super Smash Bros. authorization has been charity some of a most interesting jubilee games on any console. With a burst to online play, a jubilee has now extended over swarming gaming rooms, though a suggestion of a m�lange fight is still in tact. Although we’d like to consider we’re all good sports when we mislay to a friends, there’s no denying that hardly blank initial place leaves many gamers a small salty. This video captures a impulse flattering perfectly…

Removing a sound from a post-game jubilee video for Smash Bros. Wii U and adding really picturesque clapping sound effects ends adult being approach some-more interesting than it should be. The video gets a few chuckles early on with Mario and Luigi’s sour clapping, though things get even some-more interesting once Samus starts clapping with her arm cannon and a dog from Duck Hunt shows adult to arrangement his sportsmanship, or miss thereof.

The inexpensive fun seems ridiculous, though is shockingly formidable to demeanour divided from. The long-running fun (the video clocks in during about 5 minutes) is suggestive of final year’s Luigi genocide glance videos. We don’t design this second place applause video to go viral on utterly a same turn as Luigi’s video did, though during tighten to 500,000 views already, clearly people are enjoying a picturesque clap.

Smash Bros. Second Place

The Luigi genocide glance meme was good for business and brought a ton of courtesy to Mario Kart 8. Nintendo embraced a fun and was expected impossibly gratified to see a Wii U diversion removing coverage on mainstream news outlets in a certain light. We suppose a selling group during Nintendo are already perplexing to figure out how to get this video into their selling plans, as well.

Special interjection to YouTube channel GrumpOut for holding a time to mislay a audio and supplement a picturesque clapping to a video. Now all we need is Nintendo to recover a patch that adds a softened sound effects to a tangible game. Is that too most to ask?

Do we consider a clapping video will take on a same meme standing as a Luigi genocide stare? Does it strike home with how we feel after losing a tighten match? Let us know in a comments.

Smash Bros. Wii U is now available.

Source: YouTube

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