What Character Would You Like to See Next in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

September 16, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

The finish of yesterday’s Nintendo Direct certain was a rollercoaster. When Isabelle initial seemed on screen, my mind immediately raced to Smash. But afterwards it lasted so long, so it went to a conflicting finish of a new Animal Crossing game, and afterwards it finished adult being Smash. And afterwards it was a new Animal Crossing.

It was too many for my tiny heart to handle. Anyways, it’s been a means for many contention as of late, so let’s spin this doubt over to you: What impression would we like to see join a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster next? You can find a answers below.

Mike Williams
Reviews Editor

I don’t unequivocally play Super Smash Bros. we know a recognition with a community, yet my fighting diversion elitism takes over (I call it what it is) and it’s eventually not a impression of diversion that we wish to play on a unchanging basis. My Nintendo kitbash diversion is Mario Kart; Hey, Nintendo, do some-more Mario Kart with Smash Bros-style rosters!

I’m going to dump Waluigi in here given we desired Waluigi before it was cold and he deserves to be a impression in a roster. we also wrote an whole article on this really subject approach behind in 2015, so we can demeanour there for some of my other choices. Other pointless choices: Professor Layton, a Elite Beat Agents, one of a characters from Arms, and maybe someone from Advance Wars, given that array deserves a tiny love.

Nadia Oxford
Staff Writer

I’ve done no tip of a flame we lift for Quintet, yet we don’t consider it’d be formidable to make an extraordinary Smash warrior out of Will from Illusion of Gaia. While we suppose his shriek can be discharged as a arms for wieners in many contexts, we’re articulate about a array where people strike any other with bug nets and buckets. A shriek is fine.

But Will also boasts a appetite of transformation. Think about it: His dim horseman form, Freedan, can strike hard. His evil form, Shadow, can evasion attacks. Then there are his fundamental “Psycho” powers that let him envision attacks (take that, Shulk) and daub into penetrating appetite (take that, Ness and Lucas). Plus, Will is altogether only a really engaging RPG protagonist who deserved some-more than one game.

It’ll never happen, yet eh. The universe needs some-more hopes and dreams (Oh, and vocalization of: My second choice is Asriel from Undertale).

When Bayonetta assimilated Super Smash Bros. we suspicion that was a good pointer that we competence one day see Travis Touchdown join a Smash roster. Both are M-rated heroes who suffer trampling on a line of excusable taste. And if Bayo can make it in Smash, because not Travis?

Still, if that doesn’t occur we consider I’d be fine with any array of third-party characters who’ve done it on a Nintendo console. Shovel Knight, Quote, and Shantae to name only a few off a tip of my head, yet dual out of 3 of those characters are already in other fighting games. So we theory by default Shantae would be my tip collect out of those three.

Caty McCarthy
Features Editor

Like Mike, I’m also not large on Smash. I’ve always been a Mario Kart person, yet we demeanour brazen to personification Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for like a week when it comes out and afterwards never touching it again, as per my tradition with a series.

As for dream characters, we would adore to see a Squid Sisters make an appearance. They could even have an alt dress that’s Off a Hook’s Pearl and Marina (as seen in a above screenshot). Considering Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is already bringing squid kids into it, a second coming from a Splatoon array shouldn’t be too many trouble—especially given there are like a dozen from Fire Emblem. we can already suppose a twin operative together like a Ice Climbers, with a garland of cocktail star-inspired moves.

The now-defunct Nintendo Badge Arcade’s mascot, a Badge Arcade Bunny, would be a cool, astonishing impression to join Smash’s register too. The Badge Arcade Bunny, when a badge diversion on Nintendo 3DS was still operating, was full of great, timely quips and other stupid antics. we can see a Badge Arcade Bunny branch into a IRL bunny in a midst of conflict too, like they infrequently did in a software. Also, Goku. C’mon Nintendo, we done Cloud happen, so make Goku occur too.

Let’s acknowledge it though: Isabelle is already a GOAT of Smash. we don’t consider any other exhibit will be means to tip hers. And only demeanour during her:

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