Waycool’s "Sonic" Is a Rap Version of ‘Super Smash Bros’

April 19, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

No informative button is as applicable to a millennial era as Sonic a Hedgehog. The rapid blue rodent and his many friends and enemies (both central and unofficial) paint being cool, being rad, and living learning. Toronto swat common Waycool—composed of rappers Kyle Wildfern, Jordan Cassius, and Josh Dillon—understand this, that is because their new singular is only called “SONIC” presumably to concede a many undying swag in gaming to reveal opposite a beat.

It’s not only Sonic that creates an coming on this lane though. The offshoot rhymes “Rick and Morty” with “Ricky Bobby,” and Josh Dillon raps both “Dead ’em off early, make them a Krillin” and “green high like Luigi” in his verse. It’s utterly something to spy and we haven’t even got to a line about a Gamecube’s mini-disk. Listen to “Sonic” below.

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