Watch Someone Try To Play ‘Super Smash Bros.’ On A Twitch-Controlled Couch

February 14, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Twitch Plays - Bucking Couch Bowl

‘Twitch Plays’ has positively come a prolonged way: what started out as a new approach to play Pokemon has developed into a full-on rodeo/gaming hybrid.
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‘Twitch Plays Pokemon‘ was a gaming materialisation distinct anything else before it. It took a diversion that millions on million of fans have already played and presented it in an wholly new light. It incited a single-player RPG from 20 years ago into a village eventuality – and, somehow, thousands of people personification concurrently managed to finish a game.

Since then, Twitch Plays has developed in a series of opposite ways. More Pokemon games were beaten, Dark Souls was cowed and a goldfish once took over for a chat. If anything, a several Twitch Plays have proven that gamers wish to play together…especially if a prerogative is something value fighting for.

For example, renouned Twitch pennon Jericho recently competed in Totino’s ‘Bucking Couch Bowl’: instead of simply personification Super Smash Bros. on a unchanging couch, Jericho’s chair was built on tip of a automatic bull. That sounds dangerous adequate on a own, though when control of a longhorn was given to a Twitch chat…well, it went about as good as you’d expect.

Spoiler alert: Jericho gets annihilated. Getting tossed off a automatic longhorn is tough on a own, and doing it with a face full of pizza rolls substantially doesn’t assistance much.

At a really least, Jericho’s corporeal mistreat was a large hit: a Totinos deputy told GameSpot that a tide brought in some-more than 310,000 viewers, while roughly 167,000 commands were sent to a automatic couch. Sadly, Jericho didn’t finish adult winning a eventuality (the prize went to Twitch pennon summit1G), though who knows – maybe a Bucking Couch Bowl will make a lapse in 2017…

You can find some-more of Jericho’s videos over during his YouTube and Twitch channels.

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