Super Smash Bros. isn’t entrance out until Oct 3, though we’re going to be livestreaming a diversion this Friday, Sep 12. Just bookmark this page and come behind during 2PM PT (5PM ET/10PM BST) to watch us play Smash on 3DS for an hour in a video hide above.

And if an hour isn’t enough, we’ll have even some-more news a week after a stream. Smash Bros. comes out on Sept. 13 in Japan, and we’ll be going in-depth with that chronicle as shortly as we get it in a office.

The Japanese chronicle of a diversion comes out tomorrow, though propitious early-purchases have already been streaming a diversion and confirming a finish diversion roster. (All those rumors? Most of them were true, including Bowser Jr. and a Duck Hunt dog.) And a special book Smash Bros. 3DS that was recently reliable for a EU might make a approach to a US as well.

But in a meantime, what do we wish to see on a Friday livestream? Send us match-up requests, questions, and mean remarks by a comments below.

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Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS