Watch Luigi Beat Every DLC Character in Super Smash Bros. By Doing Nothing

February 16, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

A new video has flush that facilities Luigi violence each singular one of a downloadable fighters in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U by doing positively nothing.

Despite being helmed as a overshadowed younger brother, there’s small doubt that Luigi has been obliged for approach some-more memes than his glamorized sibling – with a many renouned positively being his horrifyingly-evil expression in Mario Kart 8. As a result, a green-wearing plumber has turn rather of a fan-favorite among gamers, and this prominence has reasonably carried over to Nintendo’s all-star kick ‘em up, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U.

Carrying on an existent array with a thesis of ‘Luigi wins by doing positively nothing’, YouTuber Omega Tyrant has pitted a a youngest half of a Super Mario Bros. opposite all 7 of a downloadable Super Smash Bros. fighters. With a likes of Bayonetta and Cloud Strife occupying dual of a spots, many gamers would be forgiven for meditative they’d handily take Luigi to task. Evidently, a turn 9 CPUs end adult being their possess biggest undoing, as they self-destruct in a face of an unmoving, moustachioed man.

It’s positively one of a some-more interesting fan-made videos floating around a internet, so those looking for a grin can check out Luigi in all of his steadfast excellence below.

Now that downloadable calm for Super Smash Bros. has come to a close, gamers are giveaway to assume on that destiny characters could be put to charge opposite a quiescent Luigi in destiny installments. According to a new report, fans might not be watchful that prolonged to see such endeavors either, as a new diversion is pronounced to be a launch pretension for Nintendo’s stirring NX console. Whether or not that purported software happens to be a pier or not is unknown, though there’s no doubt that it would see some-more add-ons in a identical capillary to a new Wii U/3DS iterations.

We’ve already come adult with a list of newcomers and veterans we’d like to see and now (thanks wholly to this video) watch Luigi take to propagandize by 0 effort. Of course, fans will still be left watchful some time, as word is that a handheld apportionment of Nintendo’s subsequent console won’t be nearing until a finish of a year. Even then, that’s presumption that progressing reports for a new diversion on a height are true, so it could be a lot longer before Luigi finds himself powdering opponents off his shoulder with minimal movement.

Source: Omega Tyrant

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