Wahaha, Smash Bros. Players Mod Waluigi Into Brawl

July 26, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Project M, a unaccepted lovechild of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Melee, has been abandoned by a developers, though fans are still churning out calm for a renouned mod. As of final Sunday, a favorite conniving Mario underdog has warranted his own—again unofficial—Smash character in Project M. Waaahaaahaa.

Currently in Smash, Waluigi exists as a prize in Melee and Brawl. But for a past 5 years, an Australian 3d artist named Marioking64DS been building a entirely playable Waluigi impression for Project M along with a few programmers.


“Nintendo isn’t giving him adequate appreciation,” Marioking64DS told me. “He deserves more. They’re not doing most with him.” He combined that a genuine reason he’s combined a impression is fan demand.

Marioking64DS’s Waluigi isn’t only an central impression wrapped in a Waluigi skin, like a viral Dragon Ball Son Goku Smash 4 mod. The new Waluigi impression has his possess pierce set, including some fun aerials fitting his string-bean physique. Waluigi’s Up-B has him twirling like a screwdriver. He also uses a tennis racket, a la Mario Tennis.

And only as Luigi is Mario’s gameplay counterpart, this Waluigi mod is now Wario’s. Marioking64DS’s Waluigi improves on Wario’s deficiencies and is gimped where Wario shines: “When it comes to as in how he feels as a warrior in Smash we wanted him to play out a impassioned differences. Wario in Brawl is remarkable to have one of a best aerial movements in a diversion so with that we finished it that Waluigi has one of a worst. Most of Wario’s weakest moves are finished by his legs, [while] Waluigi’s arm conflict are his weakest while his legs being a improved kill moves,” Marioking64DS wrote on a Smash forum.


Marioking64DS says his subsequent Project M mods will be King K. Rool from Donkey Kong and Black shade from F-Zero.

Project M was rigourously dropped final Dec underneath misleading circumstances, nonetheless download links for a diversion are still accessible for a Wii’s SD card. Its fan village even continues to frequently horde tournaments. The Waluigi mod is accessible for download here.

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