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March 7, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Used with accede from Andy Bodnar

This week on Triton to Watch, we had a event to talk Andy Bodnar. He’s a rad tyro by day, now study molecular biology, yet achieved gamer by night — and is now ranked eighth opposite San Diego in Super Smash Bros, a renouned fighting diversion published by Nintendo.

Q: How did we get into Smash?

A: My initial knowledge with pound was with a initial iteration, “Smash 64.” That was behind when it initial came out in a late 1990s, when we was substantially 6 or 7 years old. It was a garland of classical Nintendo characters crushed together in a fun game, what some-more could a child ask for? Since afterwards we have played each iteration that has come out since: “Melee,” “Brawl” and “Smash 4.” we went to one or dual “Brawl” tournaments toward a finish of high school, yet it was not until about a year ago that we unequivocally got into a diversion competitively. It was indeed one of my good friends, Chris Rugg (better famous as “falln”), that initial introduced me to a Smash community. He invited me to a contest with him, and that was all it took for me to get a rival bug.

Q: Which impression do we main?

A: we categorical a Robotic Operating Buddy, improved famous as R.O.B. R.O.B is an engaging character, due to both a clever missile game, as good as carrying one of a best chuck combos in a game. R.O.B is a impression that is customarily deliberate sincerely campy, yet we like to consider of him as some-more of a tactician’s character. You can switch from a long-range keep-away diversion to a throw-heavy diversion devise with ease. His projectiles can means disappointment in a other player, forcing them into decisions and patterns they would differently not make. By exploiting these patterns and bad decisions, R.O.B can unequivocally gleam as character. Basically, a R.O.B actor strives to make a competition play their game, afterwards trap them and finish off their stocks.

Q: How did we get to be arrange 8 in San Diego?

A: Getting ranked in San Diego was my prolonged tenure idea when we initial started playing. we started as each visitor does, by going 0–2 during my initial tournament. In sequence to get better, we have to be peaceful to take your lumps from improved players. Otherwise, we will never comprehend your mistakes, and even some-more importantly, we will never learn how to repair those mistakes. we was propitious in one clarity though, as we have a universe category training partner in falln. You get improved unequivocally fast when we are training with one of a tip players in a U.S.! we have to charge during slightest some of my success to him, as he was peaceful to take this dumpy underneath his wing and learn me a intricacies of a game, things that would have differently taken me a many longer time to collect up.

Courtesy of Andy Bodnar
Used with accede from Andy Bodnar

Q: What is subsequent for you?

A: we would contend my subsequent vital idea is to make a SoCal [Player Rankings]. San Diego has some good players, yet it is still only a subregion of a larger SoCal area. This means a lot some-more roving to tournaments in and around a Los Angeles area. In addition, we also devise on attending EVO 2016 in July. The best players in a universe will be there, and it is a good possibility to strife with some of them. My idea for EVO is to during slightest make it out of a initial spin of pools. This would arrange me somewhere in a best 128–256 players in a universe (depending on how many they take out of initial spin pools). It would be a good fulfilment for me, and would unequivocally countenance a time we have put into this game.

Q: How do we change propagandize and progressing your rank?

A: No question, propagandize comes first. There have been many tournaments we have missed due to midterms/finals etc. While this is a fun hobby, we am underneath no delusions that it will spin into a career for me. Generally we go one or dual tournaments a week. It is a good approach to let off steam after study for hours on end. It is during tournaments that we get many of my use in, as there is no improved approach to ready for in diversion situations than to indeed knowledge them in a high vigour conditions where one wrong pierce could meant a disproportion between going home with income in your pocket, or only lint and dust. Otherwise, many of my time is spent study for classes. Quick plug: anybody who is meddlesome in picking adult a diversion should go to a tournaments here during UCSD. They are customarily each Sunday, and we will never accommodate a organisation of some-more inclusive, kind, and good people afterwards we do in a Smash community. Hope to see we guys and gals during some of these tournaments soon!

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