Top Smash Players Want Duck Hunt’s Stage Banned

January 28, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Smash 4’s Duck Hunt stage

Competitive Super Smash Bros. 4 players are seeking for stupid dog Duck Hunt’s theatre to be criminialized from tournaments. Its design army players into boring, prolonged sequences where they glance during any other and wait.


Dunk Hunt’s theatre is, of course, formed on a NES pretension Duck Hunt. It’s a grassy, prosaic plane. Sometimes, ducks parent from a grass. It has dual “soft” platforms: a tree and a bush. It’s a counterpick stage, so when a actor loses a initial diversion of a set, they can “counterpick” Duck Hunt’s stage. It’s a good choice if you’re adult opposite a impression who would transport feeble there.

It seems trusting enough, and it is widely tournament-legal, though players are angry that a best plan to kick someone on Duck Hunt is a tedious one to watch. Players “camp” on a tree, watchful for their rivalry to approach. It’s safe, sure. But in such a fast-paced game, sitting on a tree for several seconds can be dull. Also, to a left side of a tree, characters with stronger recoveries than others have a significant, and maybe unfair, advantage.


Now that Smash 4 will take tip fighting games contest EVO’s prime-time Sunday slot, discuss over a Dunk Hunt stage’s legality has flared up. Some competitors are perfectionist for it to be criminialized before EVO.

Ally, one of a tip Smash players in a world, told me that “The tree on a left is a biggest issue. People will lay on it and get unequivocally janky low % kill since a other actor had no options though to approach.” He says a theatre “forces a lot of camping,” and since of that, players will wait comparatively prolonged durations for someone to make a move.


He adds that “The Ducks can change a predestine of a batch by interrupting an conflict or loitering it.” He wants it to be banned.

ZeRo, who was 2014-2015’s tip Smash 4 player and recently mislaid to Ally during Gen4, “really disagreed” with that perspective. On Twitter, he pronounced it will “remove a ton of counterpick aspect too a game.” In some cases, selecting Duck Hunt might not advantage you, though it could unequivocally concede another player. He’s sympathetic to environment-related losses, though thinks players should accommodate a challenge.



And, anyway, who would unequivocally stop examination a Smash tournament since one rarely-picked theatre infrequently provokes tedious stare-downs? “Removing Duck Hunt won’t boost viewership,” he said. “Don’t change a theatre list underneath that principle. What will is storyline correct advertising.”

Omni, a outrageous Smash YouTuber, takes a some-more regressive proceed to stages. Flat stages with few platforms are “staples while all else is only extra.”
 He commented underneath Ally’s tweets:

When reached for comment, Omni told me that he’d “ban Duck Hunt for many reasons.” The biggest, he said, is how “polarizing it is to simply lay in a dilemma of a shade and wait for something to happen. It’s lame. Effective though lame.”


Omni combined that it “comes down to preference.” Personally, we consider playstyles are improved showcased with fewer environmental impediments. But also, how Smash players conflict to absurd situations can enthuse some of a game’s best surprises.

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