Time Is Running Out For The Super Smash Bros. Scene’s Favorite Game Controller

September 27, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

In a 16 years since Super Smash Brothers: Melee came out, it has gotten harder and harder for Smash tournaments and pro players to keep regulating a controller for that it was creatively made. GameCube controllers are removing old. The best ones are are tough to find and costly to maintain. And some players protest that they means palm pain.

Yet a GameCube controller is a customarily controller that’s authorised to use during Melee tournaments. It’s also a customarily controller that Nintendo ever done for Melee, a Super Smash Brothers diversion that kickstarted Smash’s rival theatre and is still renouned during tournaments.

Players, contest organizers and other fighting diversion experts have had to confront a ascent problems that arise when a diversion relies on aged gear. It’s all led to a discuss about possibly a GameCube controller should still be a go-to apparatus for Smash.

The Definitive Smash Bros. Controller

The aging GameCube controller is a Smash staple, not customarily for Melee, nonetheless for a dual some-more new games in a franchise, that were expelled for Wii and Wii U. That’s partly due to 16 years of flesh memory, given many of those pros started out with Melee, nonetheless it’s also given a newer consoles’ wireless controllers are defective to a connected GameCube option. The problems with a aging GameCube controllers difficulty those scenes, too.



If Smash were any other fighting game, there’d be alternatives. On PlayStation, for example, Street Fighter V can be played with a controller that came with a console, or with an arcade stick—be it an central Sony-licensed stick, or one done by dynamic brands like Razer or Hori. Same goes for any fighting diversion on a Xbox. Players who specialize in other fighting games have a lot of options, with many pros regulating arcade sticks.

An arcade hang for Smash would need some really courteous design. Controllers for many fighters need customarily one joystick and 6 to 8 buttons. A Smash one would need some-more (maybe as many as 9 buttons). The GameCube controller does all of that in a many smaller package.

The GameCube controller customarily so happens to have a gentle symbol lay-out for personification Smash. It has dual joysticks, a directional pad, 3 shoulder buttons and 4 face buttons (not including a “Start/Pause” button). Every face symbol is a opposite size. The A symbol is huge. The B symbol is a tiny round to a revoke left, and a Y and Z buttons are form shapes adult in a right-hand corner. This surprising lay-out emphasizes a many critical symbol in Smash: a A button, compulsory for a game’s pivotal attack. The 3 smaller face buttons are in tighten proximity, requiring a actor to pierce their ride customarily a integrate millimeters before returning it to a all-important A button.

Not Every GameCube Controller Was Created Equal

The initial GameCube controllers came out in 2001 with a GameCube, and a final famous run got expelled alongside Smash Wii U in 2014. It’s misleading if Nintendo still creates them. The association did not respond to ask for criticism about possibly this run of controllers is still in production, or possibly there is any destiny run of GameCube controllers planned. There are understandable differences in peculiarity in models from opposite years. So, not customarily do players need to find a GameCube controller in a initial place, they also need to find one from a right era of a prolongation run. Otherwise, they’ll be stranded with some critical hardware flaws.


Mike “Typo” Bassett formerly worked with Mute City Customs to do veteran repairs and modding of GameCube controllers and is himself a Melee backer with mixed world annals in a game’s Home Run Contest. Over a past year, he has turn a master during separating good GameCube controllers from bad—and final that controllers are over help. Nintendo has not expelled any information per a prolongation routine or tools in GameCube controllers, nonetheless according to Typo’s veteran observations from modding and scold these controllers, a categorical adhering indicate is a analog stickboxes. The stickbox is a analog stick’s cube-shaped housing, that is soldered to a inside of a controller.

The inside of a GameCube controller (Photo around Smashboards, by Kadano)

The initial era of GameCube controllers have analog stickboxes with an “almost zodiacally unattractive feel and opening for rival players,” according to Typo. These controllers make a analog sticks feel looser. They miss a gratifying open insurgency of a subsequent generation, that came out from 2004 to 2008 and uses dual opposite kinds of stickboxes, both of that are higher to a initial run.

Other prolongation flaws, like unbending shoulder buttons, can be accommodated, says Typo: “clunky triggers can really simply be bound by simple lubrication regulating skinny silicone.” The analog stickboxes, though? Those need to be well-manufactured in a initial place.

Those analog sticks are pivotal to behaving moves that need implausible joystick precision, like dashbacking and defense dropping. These stickboxes can’t be simply replaced, either, given hardware modders get their tools from existent GameCube controllers—and, according to Typo, that marketplace has been shrinking given Nintendo started phasing a controllers out of prolongation from 2008 onwards.

Manufacturing differences can impact top-level competition. Last April, a tip Melee actor had to drop out of a tournament given his controller wasn’t adult to snuff. Specifically, his controller wasn’t unchanging about executing a dashback, that is when a impression dashes retrograde from a station position. The analog sticks on many GameCube controllers do not concede unchanging deployment of this move. It’s a pattern smirch benefaction in many controllers, and there’s not many hardware modders can do to pill it.



Typo told Compete that anticipating GameCube controllers that can do a dashback scrupulously has turn “the ‘holy grail’ of controller functionality.” Pro Smash players are peaceful to make compromises to get that prize, according to Typo: “Players acid for good dashback causes them to continue personification with controllers that have other reduction poignant disadvantages.”

Another Smash pierce that asks a lot of a GameCube controller’s analog hang is defense dropping, that involves a Smash impression dropping by a height while shielding. The pierce exists in each Smash game, nonetheless a compulsory analog hang angle varies opposite games. This is something that GameCube controller hardware mods can urge upon, such as by adding notches into a analog hang gate to improved assistance players find a ideal angle to govern a defense drop. These notches can also wear down over time, though, necessitating continued costly maintain from a few GameCube controller modders in a field.

Controller scold shops tend to assign about $30 customarily for defense dump notches. For example, MultiShine charges $135 for a full controller workup, and a $20 use price per controller. More prestigious controller scold shops, like Kadano and Mute City Customs, are not now usurpation new orders. That’s a other problem: carrying to wait for a few permitted scold specialists to find a time for you.


Longtime pro Smashers can means to buy and exam mixed controllers to safeguard a dashback can be executed, as good as compensate for endless hardware mods to make moves like defense dropping feel easier. But that means they have a transparent advantage over everybody else, thereby introducing concerns about possibly Melee is permitted enough. A 16-year-old game’s village can customarily tarry if it keeps gaining new members, and Melee has a repute for ostensible enigmatic and alienating to outsiders, in partial given of a friendship to this aged controller. Plus, even pro players with many controllers during palm can still have difficulty anticipating controllers that can do all necessary. In an ideal world, each controller would be combined equal, nonetheless they’re not—and they never have been.

A Controversial Solution

“Having spent about a year greatly study and operative with hundreds of controllers, it’s protected to contend that we see a essay on a wall about a destiny of a controllers,” Typo told Compete. That’s given he got concerned with a growth group for a Universal Controller Fix, or UCF, a new program mod for Melee that aims to scold for a augmenting problems that players have had with GameCube controllers.



The mod doesn’t make defense dropping or dashbacks easier for players to perform. The same accurate angles and timing are compulsory on a partial of players. What a Universal Controller Fix does is boost a odds that Melee will commend a scold inputs.

Dan Salvato, one of a creators of a mod, explained to Compete that a dashback’s success depends on “the calibration of your control stick.” He pronounced a same about defense dropping, that “requires intensely accurate positioning of a control stick, heading players to possibly find a controller whose embankment corners are within that range, or to cut notches into a framework for a hang to tumble into.” The Universal Controller repair “allows for any controller to consistently perform both of these techniques,” thereby shortening a component of pointless probability and also shortening a faith on hardware mods and repairs.

The UCF customarily relates to Melee games, that have this problem a worst. Controller responsiveness hasn’t been as many of an emanate in Smash Wii U, given that diversion is some-more forgiving when it comes to induction accurate inputs, possibly from a GameCube controller or any other. This program mod for Melee aims to make a 16-year-old diversion likewise forgiving.



For a moment, a UCF customarily addresses dashbacks and defense dropping. Salvato says that destiny iterations of a mod could criticism for other moves that are tough to govern on an aging or poor controller. The UCF aims to revoke a problem of a “controller lottery”—which is to say, a problem of players perplexing and unwell to find controllers with a right kind of analog stickboxes.

Shine 2017, a contest hold in Boston final month, was a initial vital Melee contest to incorporate a UCF into all rival brackets. The tournament’s organizer was a one who consecrated a mod from Salvato in a initial place, in response to competitors’ concerns about GameCube controllers, hardware mods, and questions of unfairness.

Unfortunately, a UCF’s entrance had a hitch. Partway by Melee finals, Shine 2017’s organizers satisfied that a UCF hadn’t been incited on, nonetheless it had been on for all rough brackets. Because of this oversight, dual competitors had to come behind on theatre for a argumentative rematch that resulted in a opposite winner.

Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez celebrates a bittersweet victory, shortly to be overturned by Shine 2017’s organizers. (gif around Twitch)

Melee fans speculated as to possibly or not a mod done adequate of a disproportion to clear a rematch. At any other Smash major, a initial matches would have counted, given a UCF had never been used before. However, Shine 2017’s organizers stood by their decision.



Compared to other controller-related mods for Smash games, a UCF is conservative. It customarily creates a integrate of specific changes. Aside from a unpopular rematch during Shine 2017, few Melee fans have argued a mod seems unfair. GameTyrant Expo, hosts of a subsequent Melee major, customarily announced that they will be regulating a mod. By contrast, hardware mods for Melee controllers have sparked critical discuss among pros and contest organizers.

Pain And Injury

The hottest discuss in Melee now revolves around possibly or not it should be probable to contest with anything other than a GameCube controller. That doubt has come adult given of concerns that a GameCube controller has shop-worn a hands of people who’ve wielded it for many years. The subject is really critical to Aziz “Hax” Al-Yami, a former Melee pro, who began experiencing palm heedfulness in 2014. Hax stepped divided from competing in Melee, went to see 10 palm surgeons, got medicine on his wrist, and returned to personification a diversion in 2016—only to step divided again due to a serious flare-up in palm pain.

In a blog post about his injuries, Hax pronounced a pain “did not gradually rise over time,” nonetheless instead seemed associated to a specific Smash game: “There was a graphic impulse on May 5th, 2014 where we was doing retrograde waveshines opposite a Jigglypuff actor in friendlies with my left palm intensely tensed. we felt an blast (best approach to report it) in my left wrist… I’ll be honest during this point, there’s a probability we never make a full return. My left palm feels busted over belief.” Since timid from Melee, Hax has been means to play games that need a rodent and keyboard. He is now a Diamond-ranked actor in League of Legends.



Other Smash pros have also struggled with palm pain. Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, one of a world’s tip Melee players, mentioned concerns about palm pain and a probability of retirement behind in 2015. Unlike Hax, Mew2King’s problems seem to have been temporary. He has continued to contest and win during many Melee tournaments given then. (Mew2King did not respond to solid requests for comment.)

But does a GameCube controller means some-more injuries than other gamepads? That would be tough to prove. Dr. Caitlin McGee, a physical therapist dilettante who has worked with many pro gamers, told Compete: “I can’t contend with any kind of certainty that a GameCube controller causes injuries, or even is correlated with some-more injuries than other forms of controllers are. One of a things that confounds a ability to demeanour during to what border any one kind of controller impacts repairs risk is what people are doing when they’re not regulating a controller.”


“There’s no ergonomically flawless controller,” she went on. “Just ones that make good ergonomic behaviors, good injury-preventing behaviors, easier or harder to follow.” Here’s one preventable bad robe that Dr. McGee has beheld in terms of how players put adult their character’s shield, that is customarily mapped to a shoulder button: “I’ve seen a lot of players who use a second phalanx (middle part) of their finger as against to their initial phalanx (the tip) for helmet who afterwards come in with pain during that sold joint.”

Another Controversial Solution

It’s critical to forestall that damage, given for a moment, Melee tournaments do not concede a use of any other controller besides a GameCube controller. Players who have debilitating injuries seem to be out of luck.



Hax hasn’t been peaceful to accept that. He’s spent his Melee retirement seeking other controller options that don’t put a same highlight on his hands and wrists. There are no Nintendo-produced alternatives to a GameCube controller when it comes to personification Melee, so Hax has looked into exclusively grown controllers, such as the SmashBox, a Melee controller that looks like an arcade stick… nonetheless yet a stick. The SmashBox has all buttons and relies wholly on digital inputs.

The Smash Box, around Hit Box

According to Dr. McGee, there’s a reason Hax can use this form of box controller, notwithstanding his injuries. This controller, she said, “spreads out a repeated motions opposite some-more fingers; there’s reduction vigour on any one finger to do all of a work. It also removes a requirement of ancillary a controller, retaining and rapacious it, in sequence to have a fast personification surface.”


That’s also given Hax could get to Diamond arrange in League of Legends, even nonetheless picking adult a GameCube controller competence be a mistake. In McGee’s words, “a keyboard is a small some-more homogeneous to a box in terms of ergonomic considerations.”

At first, Hax worked with a SmashBox group on their controller, and after stepped divided to rise a identical box controller called a B0XX. When asked for criticism about his palm pain and his retirement from Melee, Hax told Compete he is “extremely bustling with B0XX things these days” and did not have time to yield any serve details. Hax has asked contest organizers, including those during Shine 2017, to concede players to contest regulating exclusively grown box controllers, like a B0XX and a SmashBox.


Last week, a contest organizer(s) for Beyond The Summit agreed to accommodate Hax’s box controller during their Smash invitational this November, supposing Hax secures a container in a contest around fan voting. However, Smash Summit is some-more of an muster of personalities; it’s not a vital contest with entrance permitted to a ubiquitous public. Other Melee tournaments have been many some-more wavering about permitting a use of non-GameCube controllers due to concerns about fairness.


This past January, Smash contest Genesis 4 did allow competitors to use box controllers on a hearing basis. According to a tournament’s organizer, though, that benefaction was customarily done to accommodate competitors who had sealed adult yet realizing their controllers would be banned.

The Melee village has not nonetheless dynamic possibly these box controllers are homogeneous to GameCube controllers, or possibly they make a diversion too easy, given these box controllers don’t have analog sticks during all. This means that all directional movements can be achieved around digital symbol inputs, thereby escaped a GameCube controller’s problem of unpredictability in analog joystick behavior. These questions of bias are ironic, given a controller discrepancies that already exist between opposite GameCube controllers, nonetheless a UCF does aim to scold for that problem.

A Question For The Rules Committee

Melee contest organizers have been wavering to chuck nonetheless another non-static into a mix. Most Smash tournaments have instituted a anathema on anything other than a GameCube controller, interjection to a new codified ruleset from a foe committee done adult of Smash contest organizers and pros.



This new ruleset aims to order practices opposite all Smash tournaments. Since a Super Smash Brothers rival village operates without Nintendo’s support or resources, all of these initiatives are community-run. That’s also given it’s probable for a Smash village to severely cruise a standardised doing of a program mod like a Universal Controller Fix—something that Nintendo would substantially not allow, were they involved. And that’s given there’s still a village personification a 16-year-old diversion on really aged controllers. The Smash theatre doesn’t rest on corporate support to continue, distinct other fighting diversion communities, that tend to contend goodbye to aged fighting games once their sequels come out.

The Melee foe committee’s ruleset described a classical GameCube controller as “somewhat unique to what we cruise ‘playing Melee’ and a skills concerned in doing so,” nonetheless a manners explain that a anathema on box controllers is “tentative,” tentative serve tests of what these controllers can do and possibly they are fair.

The “Right” Way To Play Melee

As for possibly a GameCube controller should always be a “right” approach to play Melee, or any other Smash game? That’s still adult for debate. Even a career GameCube controller modder like Mike “Typo” Bassett described himself as “fairly magnanimous when it comes to my position on non-GameCube controllers for Melee… as prolonged as a personification margin is even from a automechanic standpoint, a ‘right’ approach to play a diversion is whatever feels gentle and natural.”



UCF dev Dan Salvato took a some-more regressive and incrementalist perspective of a issue. “The ‘right’ approach to play Melee is whatever a village decides is right,” he told Compete. “While everybody agrees that ergonomics and palm injuries are an issue, a lot of players don’t wish a resolution to means a shockwave in a meta. If someone designs an ergonomic controller that is provably equal to, or worse than, a GC controller, afterwards [tournament organizers] would expected acquire it with open arms. When your village is 15 years old, your changes need to be focused, steady, and conservative. That’s given UCF has seen some-more success than past controller mods have.”

Nintendo has nonetheless to announce possibly Smash Wii U, or any other Smash game, will turn permitted on a Nintendo Switch. At this time, there isn’t a approach to use a GameCube controller on a Switch. Typo speculates that, if Smash gets ported to a Switch, players will ride towards a Switch Pro Controller. Hori also has done a connected gamepad for a Switch that is identical in figure to a Pro Controller. So, even if a GameCube controller isn’t available, there are viable options.

The Smash village has been demure to pierce on from a GameCube controller, interjection to tradition and nostalgia, nonetheless a Pro Controllers for Nintendo consoles offer during slightest one intensity alternative. For Melee players, though, there’s no choice as good as a strange thing… well, not too original. You wouldn’t wish those first-generation stickboxes.

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