This teen took his duplicate of Super Smash Bros. Melee to prom

June 9, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

This teen took his duplicate of Super Smash Bros. Melee to prom

It’s a inexpensive date.

NY Mag recently interviewed Chris Burwell, a high propagandize senior who took his duplicate of Super Smash Bros. Melee to prom.

“I’m a large fan of a game. There’s a large fan bottom for Super Smash Bros. Melee specifically, and I’ve been a fan of a diversion for a prolonged time,” Burwell said. “I saw a integrate weeks ago that a man took his waifu to prom, and we thought, That’s really funny, though I’m not that bad. What else could we do? And we suspicion I’ll take Melee, since there’s such a large fan bottom and I’m one of those fans. It felt right. It was a feverishness of a moment.”

The one hundred or so in assemblage suspicion it was utterly amusing, according to Burwell.

“No one’s constant these days though Melee’s always there for you,” he said. “People were mostly flattering chill with it; they only suspicion it was funny.”

Burwell done certain to dance with Melee during up-tempo songs.

For some-more photos, conduct to Chris’ Tumblr.

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