This Super Smash Bros. glitch will anathema players for 136 years

November 3, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

A glitch in a Nintendo 3DS recover of Super Smash Bros. is banning players for roughly 136 years, according to images uploaded to Twitter by Zenaorz1 a Japan-based user who gifted a bizarre anathema of 71,582,719 mins initial hand.

Pictures expelled to Twitter uncover a outcome of a glitch, that reveals a singular shade of content that notifies a actor of a proxy despite intensely prolonged ban. You can see that below.

While Nintendo is nonetheless to offer an central reason for a glitch, Redditors are giving some insight into inadequate programming that could be behind a emanate and how to bypass it.

Players are speedy not to aim a singular actor in an online match, to use 1v1 until a patch is released, not to go online in ubiquitous and to not quit mid-match. Polygon has reached out to Nintendo for some-more details.

Super Smash Bros. launched on a 3DS in Japan progressing this year before creation a attainment in a West final month. As was formerly reported, a diversion is being grown for Wii U, with aims to launch on Nov. 21.

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