The recover of Super Smash Bros. Melee in Nov 2001 was an unquestioned prominence in a story of a late, and in some circles lamented, Nintendo GameCube. Here, in one action-packed game, were characters from all of Nintendo’s best-loved franchises, including Mario, Pokémon, and The Legend Of Zelda, alongside characters from cult favorites like Kid Icarus and even relations obscurities like EarthBound. The noted intro to a diversion is now burnt into a minds of a era of gamers, some of whom grew adult to be animators. Recently, 37 such animators contributed to a gorgeous shot-for-shot reimagining of a intro, and their work has been posted to a Pokémon-themed YouTube comment called The Reanimation Station. The ensuing video is both a touching reverence to a dear diversion and a rapid-fire attack on a senses. Since a animation itself lasts usually 90 seconds, that means any animator usually gets about dual and a half seconds every to make an impression. The stately score, alien directly from a strange game, ties all together, though a visible mismatches can be jarring.

Weird, right? But sweet, too. Everything flies by so fast that first-time viewers might skip a few of a passing jokes, like a corpulent, goggle-eyed, Terry Gilliam-style delivery of Ness from EarthBound. And, wait, does Link spin into a father from The Wild Thornberrys for a second there?

Yes, he does. And Mario gets his Sailor Moon cosplay on, too.

Looking good, Mario. Just for comparison’s sake, here’s a strange intro from a 2001 game. It roughly seems tame when juxtaposed with a weird 2016 remake.

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