This Guy Prefers To Play Smash Bros. Melee With The Controller …

September 9, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

And it’s mesmerizing.

Nooch is a sixteen-year aged burgeoning speedrunner and Smash Bros. enthusiast. He was attending Shine 2017 this weekend, his initial ever vital Smash tournament, when god-tier Melee pro Juan Manuel “Hungrybox” DeBiedma speckled him on a building and took this brief video.

Nooch apparently plays during lot of games with a controller flipped upside down, as people streaming into Twitter thread noted. Here he his holding an Xbox controller upside down, for instance.

And above we can see a shave of him personification Melee by a sea ungainly of jabs and flicks. He even did a Reddit AMA where he addressed everyone’s questions on a subject. The answers boiled down mostly to “Well I’ve always used my controller upside down.”


Of course, Nooch isn’t alone in regulating uncanny palm and ride configurations in a fighting diversion world. In a diversion dominated by quarrel sticks, Olivier ‘Luffy’ Hay drew courtesy to himself for winning SFV matches regulating a PS1 controller. Still, Nooch’s process is really a bit some-more unorthodox. It’s pleasing to watch though, and hey, whatever works, right?

Hopefully it doesn’t get too renouned that Smash tournaments start banning it.

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