There’s A Guy Doing Classical Piano Covers Of All The Levels In Super Smash Bros. Melee

August 27, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

He goes by a name BearKeys and a self-proclaimed “child prodigy” has recently confirm to dive into a universe of video diversion music. Specifically, a GameCube chronicle of Smash Bros.

His many new entrance is a exemplary piano delivery of song from a game’s Break The Targets challenge. Before that he took stabs during Corneria, Final Destination, a Fire Emblem theatre and Fountain of Dreams from Kirby. He’s been posting his work on a Smash Bros. sub-Reddit where a community’s been eating it up. Some have asked him to make an coming during Smash Con after this month, though he wasn’t even wakeful of it until recently, suggesting he competence be means to uncover adult during subsequent year’s.


BearKeys says he’s never been to a Smash contest either, nonetheless he competence attend one of those during some indicate too. “So distant it’s only a low-pitched thing,” he pronounced in a recent comment. “But one of my students competence take me to a Melee match. we devise to categorical Donkey Kong given there’s no bear in a game.”

There’s not most good piece song out there for video diversion music, generally in games reduction regarded in a sound dialect like Smash. Fortunately for him, BearKeys has ideal pitch, so instead he gets by with simply listening to a song and doing his best to reconstruct it from scratch, that by all accounts he seems to be flattering good at. Here he is personification Melee’s menu music.


BearKeys appears to pull a lot of impulse from a YouTube keyboardist Ronald Jenkees, and started his incursion into video diversion song doing covers of some of his stuff, including a chronicle of a ambient H2O song from Donkey Kong Country. There’s something quite honest and additional pondering about a lane that we can’t get except by examination BearKeys perform it embellished out in a retro Donkey Kong t-shirt, whiten white fedora, and thick, black rimmed glasses.

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