The 3 male competition to a third Smash Summit

November 5, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Adam “Armada” Lindgren comes in uninformed with a win during a Canada Cup and looks brazen to his third uninterrupted Smash Summit as he tries to concrete his place as a best actor of 2016.

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  • He started a year clever with a win during Genesis 3 over his rival, Joseph “Mango” Marquez. Yet for a few months, Armada inaugurated to stay in Europe as Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma started to win scarcely any eventuality in a United States. After a third place finish during Battle of a Five Gods, many began to consternation either or not Armada mislaid his pretension to Hungrybox as a best actor in a world. These speculations were put to a remarkable hindrance as Armada took Smash Summit 2 over Hungrybox.

    The tables incited in a summer for Armada. He struggled opposite Mango’s new playstyle and mislaid to him during Get On My Level 2016 and WTFox 2. Hungrybox got his punish during Evo 2016 though afterwards, Armada spent many of his time in Europe, where he won Heir 3 and Syndicate 2016 with relations ease.

    Still, many began to consternation if Armada could win another vital in a U.S. Both Mango and Hungrybox seemed to figure out how to hoop Armada’s playstyle: Mango combined Falco and Marth to his arsenal and Hungrybox complicated Armada’s playstyle extensively with his coach.

    Furthermore, a miss of clever use seemed to put Armada serve behind as Hungrybox and Mango used opposite any other any other week. The finish of summer brought bigger questions in a competition for series one. Armada started a year strong, though Hungrybox’s strain of wins heading into Evo were equally, if not more, impressive. Although Mango did not have as many victories underneath his belt, he sensitively put together a clever 2016 with a crowd of second place finishes and a clever altogether head-to-head record opposite Armada (7-3) and Hungrybox (8-9).

    In a three-man competition for best Melee actor in 2016, could Armada lift forward or will a other dual transcend him?

    The Big House 6 has given us some answers, though also some-more questions. Mango finished adult winning a whole event, though Armada showed they were equal in skill. Both of them won 7 games, and Armada was on a verge of winning before Mango managed to purchase out a final game. Along a way, Armada handily degraded Hungrybox and Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman.

    In bizarre fashion, Hungrybox mislaid to his nemesis, Zachary “SFAT” Cordoni, in a unilateral set that put Hungrybox on romantic lean for a rest of a tournament. Shortly after a event, Hungrybox affianced his life to full-time Melee and announced that he would quit his engineering pursuit so that he could concentration usually on Smash. Meanwhile, Armada has solemnly returned to form, many recently winning a Canada Cup over Hungrybox and Mew2King. The win outlines his initial vital win in North America given Smash Summit 2.

    With usually a handful of majors left in 2016, winning means some-more than ever. Mango, Armada and Hungrybox all come in with high expectations. After winning The Big House 6, Mango believes he’s figured out a stream metagame and resolutely claimed that he will win a Smash Summit 3. Armada continues to benefit certainty with any flitting day as he has eyes set on winning his third Smash Summit. Hungrybox has had large aspirations to acquire a pretension of “best Melee actor of a year.”

    The other tip players trust that Armada will rebound behind from his mini-slump and come behind even stronger, now that he can dedicate himself entirely to a game. Could Smash Summit 3 be his quip event?

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