The ‘Super Smash Bros.: Melee’ players to watch during Evo this weekend

July 14, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

The year’s biggest fighting games contest is right around a corner, and Super Smash Bros Melee will be representing with a record series of regiistrants for this year’s Evolution. There are lots of majors over a march of a year, though Evo is a one where everybody turns out to infer their a best of a best.

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Melee’s energy rankings are a high towering to climb, though that doesn’t meant this year won’t have any surprises. Given a series of astonishing victories and upsets during other majors so distant this year, 2016 is moulding adult to be anyone’s tournament. Here are a Melee players to demeanour out for during Evo, including intensity match-ups that would be limit hype.

Armada, Hungrybox and Mango 

Let’s cover a many apparent names first. Perched during a tip of a rankings, these 3 of a Melee gods are a ones whose prevalence has been many secure so distant this year. They’ve walked divided with wins during many of a majors to date in 2016, customarily holding out one of a other dual in a grand finals. Each one also brings a opposite impression set and proceed to Melee. Armada is technical and calculated, generally on his signature Peach. Fiercely romantic Hungrybox proves time and again that honeyed small Jigglypuff can be a genuine monster. And either he’s personification Fox, Falco or Marth, Mango is all about a swagger.  

Barring some vital throws or upsets, it’s a protected gamble that some multiple of these 3 will play by to a tip 8. The large doubt for Evo this year is who, if anyone, will be on their diversion adequate to plea this clearly unshakeable tip tier.


He is one of a 5 gods in name, though Mew2King is a actor of extremes. When he’s hot, nobody can mount adult to him. When he’s not, his sets are unpleasant to watch.

 Apex is a usually vital contest win underneath his belt so distant this year, though many of his formula have still been solid. Given his exquisite believe of characters and mechanics, a usually thing that would unequivocally keep M2K from a standout opening during Evo is his possess head. He’s been blunt about his personal and earthy struggles, and his many fans would like zero improved than for one of Melee’s longest-standing champions to take home a large win this weekend. 


Panda Gaming’s Plup always seems to tumble usually short. Third place during DreamHack Winter, 4th during CEO, 5th-6th during both Pound and Battle of a Five Gods. But those tighten calls don’t do probity to what a talent he is during Melee. He’s beaten all of a gods though Armada. Could this be his time to get that long-awaited final win? If Plup gets matched adult opposite Armada in a joint during any point, watch out. Much of a Smash village sees Plup as one of a best bets to acquire a pretension of god-slayer; it competence be his time to bust into a tip tier.  


Westballz is other name many referenced in discussions of destiny god-slayers is Westballz. But a past year has had some speed bumps for a SoCal player, who recently sealed to G2. He placed 13th during final year’s Evo, was 17th during Genesis 3, and had a tough time during Pound. He takes waste tough (to a meme-able extent). But even with a occasional throws, Westballz still does authority a good understanding of honour in a scene. When his mind diversion is tight, his plays are too. If he performs to a best of his ability, compensate additional courtesy to a intensity matches with Armada or Mew2King, his dual remaining demons. 


Possibly a many upbeat actor in a tip tier of Melee, Axe’s certain opinion and sparkling games have gotten him scores of fans. Plus he plays Pikachu. How can we not hearten for a world’s best Pikachu player? 

Although Axe has scored wins opposite a likes of Mango and Leffen, he hasn’t had that dermatitis contest where he rises a initial place prize as a gods demeanour on. As with a other players of his caliber, Armada is a categorical gatekeeper, though any of his matches opposite good players should be interesting.  


A unchanging top-8 contender during any vital he enters, Shroomed rounds out a tier of those players who tumble usually bashful of consistently holding down gods. He has past wins opposite Mango, Mew2King and PPMD, though Armada, Leffen and Hungrybox still mount in his path.

 So distant in 2016, Shroomed is looking consistent. Evo tends to direct a best out of a competitors, and saying him lift an dissapoint over one of a aloft ranked players would be a thrill. Especially if it means removing a second book of that video.  


He might not be one of Melee’s domicile names these days, though don’t count out Wobbles. He mains a Ice Climbers, a impression that is ironically deliberate both reduce tier and captivated with a double-whammy stagger move. Whether he’s got a twin together or usually operative with Popo, Wobbles has been means to eke out considerable wins even in adverse compare ups.

At a Battle of a Five Gods eventuality this year, Wobbles came out of a blue with an implausible run, alighting in fourth place during a hands of Mango. Since Mango was also a one to take divided his possibility during a Evo 2013 trophy, this is a ideal time for Wobbles to accurate revenge.


It’s surprising for a Captain Falcon categorical to be in a discussions of Evo contenders, though Wizzrobe is creation his box as one of a many earnest immature Smashers on a scene. At his best, Wizzy delivers safe, purify Melee that creates a clinically difficult diversion seem simple. He’s also entrance off an epic 3-0 win over Hungrybox in a winners’ buliding during WTFox, so who knows how prolonged he’ll be means to float that call of success. 

And even if this isn’t his Evo, he’s usually 18 years old. Give him time.  

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