The Super Smash Bros. for Wii U hurdles guide

November 22, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. for a Wii U was expelled yesterday. If you’ve picked adult a game, you’ve expected put a few hours into it already, yet chances are a lot of that time has been spent on multiplayer. Sadly, there isn’t too most calm to clear with Vs. matches alone. If you’re looking to start digging into a rest of a game’s content, this is a beam for you!

The hurdles are numbered in an sequence starting from a top right palm corner, going a a right and afterwards down. If we need assistance with any of these specific challenges, let us know. I’ve gotten by about 71 of them myself, and would be some-more than happy to give we a few tips. That said, we could use a few tips myself. If we can uncover me how to kick a “Kirby’s Crazy Appetite” Event on Hard, we will prerogative we with a palm drawn appreciate we label a Misfits cover of your choosing. 

Note, a lot of trophies that are common in a Smash Bros. for a 3DS are now tough to get unlockables in a Wii U version. If you’re calm to have Sin and Punishment‘s Saki Amamiya on your handheld and not your home console game, we might be improved off, as clearing All-Star with each impression on Hard isn’t something that only anybody is able of doing. 

Good luck!

1. Clear Classic on power 9.0 but losing a life: Double Final Smasher Protection Badge equipment

2. Play as Lucina and measure 8 or some-more KOs alone in Cruel Smash: Vampire Brawn Badge equipment

3. Play as Dr Mario and get Fever Rush 8 or some-more times alone in Trophy Rush: 100,000G

4. Play as Pit and measure 4 or some-more KOs alone in Cruel Smash: Reaper trophy

5. Play Pac-Man in Stage 3 of Solo Target Blast and measure 300,000 regulating a behind (left) wall: Whomp trophy

6. Clear Solo Classic in 12 mins on power 9.0 with Marth: Critical Hitter Sword equipment

7. Collect all tradition moves: Smooth Lander Brawn Badge equipment

8. Collect all Mii outfits: Able Sisters trophy

9. Get 8 or some-more KOs in Solo Cruel Smash: Toadsworth trophy

10. Collect all Mii headgear: Majora’s Mask trophy

11. Clear All-Star on Hard with all characters: Saki Amamiya trophy

12. Destroy a sum of 50,000 blocks in Trophy Rush: Moon Launcher Protection Badge equipment

13. Clear True Solo All-Star but recuperating health between rounds with Captain Falcon: Deathborn trophy

14. Score 450,000 in a singular diversion of Target Blast Stage 3: Magolor trophy

15. Collect over 300,000g: Prince of Sable trophy

16. Collect 700 singular trophies: Item Hitter Agility Badge equipment

17. Get a Perfect on each theatre in Target Blast: 20,000g

18. Clear Crazy Orders after 20 or some-more turns with Mario: F.L.U.D.D. trophy

19. Score 85 or some-more in a singular Rival Smash: Waluigi trophy

20. Collect all CDs: Tac trophy

21. Clear Classic on power 9.0 but any customizations: Knickle Joe trophy

22. Clear True All-Star in 6 mins with Jigglypuff: Koffing trophy

23. Clear Classic on power 8.0 with 3 opposite characters: Master Fortress: Second Wave CD

24. Start a final conflict in Smash Tour with 10 fighters: Flying Man trophy

25. Clear True All-Star on Hard with Duck Hunt: Samus (Dark Suit) trophy

26. Use Ganondorf in Home-Run competition and strike a Sandbag during slightest 3,280ft: King K. Rool trophy

27. Clear True Solo All-Star Mode within 6 mins with Shulk on any difficulty: Mechonis trophy

28. Clear 3-Minute Smash after removing 120 KOs: Kritter trophy

29. Clear True All-Star Mode on Normal or aloft but regulating recovering items: 150,000g

30. Complete a prerogative conditions on all Solo Events: Galacta horseman trophy

31. Clear True All-Star Mode but regulating recovering equipment with Zero Suit Samus: Gunship trophy
32. Clear a “All-Star Battle: Secret” Event on Hard: Shadow trophy

33. Clear Classic on power 7.0 or aloft with all characters: Regal Crown Mii headgear

34. Clear a “The FINAL Battle: Event on Hard: Soulflee trophy

35. Play Bowser Jr. in Solo Target Blast Stage 1 and measure 150,000: Countdown Drill equipment

36. Play Samus and get a sequence of during slightest 100 in Trophy Rush alone and but holding damage: KO Healer Arm Cannon equipment

37. Clear All-Star on Hard with 8 opposite characters: Caloric Immortal Protection Badge equipment

38. Clear True All-Star on Hard alone with Ike: Black Knight trophy

39. Play Cruel Smash alone with Luigi and tarry for 1 minutes: Mr. L trophy

40. Hit a Sandbag over 3,280 feet win Home-Run Contest: Daisy (Baseball) trophy

41. Clear a Master Orders sheet on Intense: Desperate Specialist Agility Badge equipment

42. Clear Crazy Orders after 12 or some-more turns: Soda Popinski trophy

43. Get 3 or some-more KOs on your opposition in Rival Smash: Dixie Kong trophy

44. Clear True All-Star mode on Hard: Perfect-Shield Helper Brawn Badge equipment

45. Get 120 or some-more KOs in a singular Endless Smash: Unharmed Attacker Agility Badge equipment

46. Clear Classic on power 8.0 with 2 or some-more characters: Master Fortress: First Wave CD

47. Clear “Kirby’s Crazy Appetite” Event on Hard: Fire Kirby trophy

48. Clear 10-Man Smash within 25 seconds with all characters: Wonder-Yellow trophy

49. Clear Solo 3-Minute Smash with 100 KOs with Mii Gunner: Birdo trophy

50. Get a sequence of 300 or some-more in Trophy Rush: CommanderVideo trophy

51. Play Ness in Stage 3 of Solo Target Blast and get 200,000: Jeff trophy

52. Play Meta Knight and measure 90 KOs in Solo Endless Smash: Substitute Doll trophy

53: Get a Perfect on any theatre in Target Blast: 5,000g

54. Clear all Solo Events: Special Flag trophy, Golden Hammer

55. Clear a Master Order on Hard or aloft with King Dedede: King Dedede’s Theme CD

56. Clear 3-Minute Smash with 110 Kos with Boswer: Banzai Bill trophy

57. Clear 10-Man Smash alone with Dr. Mario but holding any damage: Dr. Mario Masterpiece

58. Play Fox alone in Trophy Rush and get Fever Rush 6 or some-more times in a singular game: Krystal trophy

59. KO your opposition 4 or some-more times in Rival Smash: Ice Climbers trophy

60. Clear Crazy Orders after 10 or some-more turns with Greninja: Battle! (Reshiram/Zekrom) CD

61. Clear a Master Order on Very Hard or higher: Trade-Off Attacker Protection Badge equipment

62. Get a sequence of 200 or some-more with Donkey Kong in Trophy Rush: DK Rap CD

63. Get 3 or some-more Checkpoint Bonuses in Smash Tour: Bionis trophy

64. Clear Solo 100-Man Smash in 3 mins with Mii Sword-fighter: Multi-Man Melee 2 (Melee) CD

65. Collect 300 singular trophies: Timmy Tommy trophy

66. Score during slightest 200,000 in a singular diversion of Target Blast Stage 2: Dire Hydrant tradition pierce (Pac-Man)

67. Defeat 12 or some-more fighters in a singular Smash Tour: Crazy Orders Pass

68. Come in 1st in 5 or some-more Smash Tour battles: 2,000g

69. View each fighter’s Final Smash: Smash Ball trophy

70. Destroy 250 blocks in a singular diversion of Trophy Rush: Crazy Orders Pass

71: Get 1 or some-more KOs in Cruel Smash: Duck Hunt Stage and Character 

72. Clear Solo Classic within 20 mins with Olimar: Mission Mode CD

73. Play as Zelda in Solo Target Blast Stage 1 and get 150,000: Wolf Link trophy

74: Clear Solo Classic during power 5.5 or aloft with Wario, but any customizations: Full Steam Ahead (Spirit Tracks) CD

75. Clear Solo All-Star on Normal or aloft with Lucario: Meloetta Pokeball

76: Clear Solo 100-Man Smash in 3 mins with Sonic: Speed Skater Shoes equipment

77. Hit a Sandbag between 1,640 and 1,656 ft. with ROM in Home-Rune Contest: Dr. Light trophy

78. Play Robin alone in Trophy Rush and get Fever Rush 4 or some-more times: Conquest (Ablaze) CD

79. Play Pikachu alone in Trophy Ruch and destroy a sum of 200 blocks: Xerneas Pokeball

80. Clear 10-Man Smash in 17 seconds: Gerudo Valley CD

81. Play Sheik and measure 50 KOs or some-more in Solo Endless Smash: Tetra trophy

82. Hit a Sandbag between 1,640 and 1,65 ft. in Home-Run Contest: Wonder-Green trophy

83. Clear a “Fitness Junkie” Event on Normal or higher: Snorlax trophy

84. Play Falco alone and get a sequence of during slightest 150 in Trophy Rush: Accele-Reflector tradition pierce (Falco)

85. Get a max combo of 50 or some-more in Training mode: Unharmed Speed Demon Agility Badge equipment

86. Hit a Sandbag 1,968 ft, or some-more in Home-Run Contest: Earthbound Masterpiece

87. Use a Tour Item 18 times or some-more in Smash Tour: Riki trophy

88. Play Link and measure 50 KOs in Solo Endless Smash: Ripping Boomerang custome pierce (Link)

89. Play Mr. Game Watch alone and destroy 100 blocks in a singular diversion of Trophy Rush: Flat Zone X Stage

90. Clear Solo Classic on power 5,5 or aloft with Kirby: Kirby’s Adventure Masterpiece

91. Play Palutena on Stage 2 of Solo Taget Blast and measure 80,000 or some-more regulating a behind (left) wall: In a Space-Pirate Ship CD

92. Deal a final blow to a trainer in Smash Tour: Ridley trophy

93. Clear Crazy Orders after 5 or some-more turns: Speed Crasher Agility Badge equipment

94. Get a measure of some-more than 20 in a singular Rival Smash: Star Wolf (Star Fox: Assault) CD

95. Play Charizard and get 328 ft. or over but regulating a bat in Home-Run Contest: Rock Hurl tradition pierce (Charizard)

96. KO your opposition 2 or some-more times in Rival Smash: Super Mario Bros. 3 Medley CD

97. Clear a “No Mere Sparring Match” Event on Normal or higher: Punch-Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream Masterpiece

98. Clear Solo Classic but losing a singular like with Little Mac: Title (Punch-Out!!) CD

99. Obtain a measure of 25 or some-more in a singular Rival Smash with Dark Pit: Guiding Bow tradition pierce (Dark Pit) 

100. Play Toon Link in Solo Target Blast Stage 2 and get 120,000: Lor Starcutter trophy

101. Reveal a whole wall during a credits: Credits CD

102. Clear Classic on power 5.5 or highter: Master Core CD

103. Get a max combo of 30 or some-more in Training: Title Theme (Wii Sports Resort) CD

104. Clear Solo Classic with Yoshi: Yoshi Masterpiece

105. Clear 10-Man Smash in 25 seconds: Fancy Suit Mii outfit

106. Play Peach and strike a Sandbag 1,049 ft. in Home-Run Contest: Title/Ending (Super Mario World) CD

107. Get 50 or some-more KOs in a singular Endless Smash: No-Flinch Smash Protection Badge equipment

108. Clear Classic but losing a singular life: Dr. Kawashima trophy

109. Clear All-Star on normal or higher: Hyper Smasher Brawn Badge equipment

110. Clear 100-Man Smash in 3 minutes: Wii Fit Plus Medley CD

111. Clear a “Behind Enemy Lines” Event: Tricky trophy

112. Clear 100-Man Smash: Tatris: Type B CD, Golden Hammer

113. Clear 3-Minutes Smash after removing 60 or some-more KOs: 1,000g

114: Have a diversion on for some-more than 10 hours: Mr. Resetti trophy

115. Clear Classic on power 2.0 or some-more with 5 characters: Master Hand trophy, Golden Hammer

116. Collect 50 opposite special moves: Nimble Dodger Agility Badge equipment

117. Recover a stat boosts a Metroid stole from we in Smash Tour: Vs. Parasite Queen CD

118. Score during slightest 150,000 in a singular diversion of Target Blast Stage 1: Exploding Popgun tradition pierce (Diddy Kong)

119. Clear a “The Falchion;s Seal” Event on normal or higher: Dashing Assault tradition pierce (Marth)

120. Get a sequence of 100 or some-more in a singular diversion of Trophy Rush: Chomp Hat Mii headgear

121. Clear Solo 10-Man Smash within 35 seconds while personification as Mii Brawler: Fighter Uniform Mii outfit

122. Collect 15 opposite special moves: Air Attack Brawn Badge equipment

123. Clear Crazy Orders while personification as Villager: Rover trophy

124. Clear a “When Lightning Strikes” event: Pokemon Stadium 2 Stage

125. Collect 50 singular trophies: Celest trophy

126. Clear a “Playing Tricks” event: Smashville stage

127. Clear a Master Orders ticker while personification as Mega Man: Tornado Hold tradition pierce (Mega Man)

128. Clear Crazy Orders: Crazy Hand trophy

129. Play all a maps in Smash Tour: Pac-Land stage

130. Get a sequence of during slightest 50 in Trophy Rush while personification alone and as Wii Fit Trainer: Wii Fit U Trainer trophy

131. Clear 10-Man Smash: 100G

132. Clear a Master Orders ticker while personification as Rosalina Luma: Rosalina in a Observatory/Luma’s Theme CD

133. Clear a Master’s Order ticket: Crazy Orders Pass

134. Bump into an rivalry who appears on a house during Smash Tour: Nabbit trophy

135. Create a Mii Fighter in Custom: Peach Crown Mii headgear

136. Customize a warrior in Custom: Shield Regenerator Protection Badge equipment

137. Create a theatre in Stage Builder: Saharah trophy

138. Bump into each competition on a house in a singular diversion of Smash Tour: Mecha Suit Mii outfit

139. Clear a “The Original Heavyweights” event: Kongo Jungle 64 stage

140. Clear All-Star: Victini Pokeball

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