The Nintendo Switch Now Supports GameCube Controllers: Is ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Coming Next?

October 26, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

The Nintendo Switch update that took a firmware to chronicle 4.0.0 continues to warn owners of a hybrid console with another sensitively combined feature.

Gamers have detected that a Nintendo Switch now supports Nintendo GameCube controllers, presumably hinting during what a hybrid console has in store for a owners in a nearby future.

Nintendo Switch GameCube Controller Support

With a refurbish to chronicle 4.0.0, Nintendo sneaked in GameCube controller support to a Nintendo Switch. The underline has been reliable by several tweets and threads on a central Nintendo Switch subreddit.

To connect a GameCube controller to a Nintendo Switch, gamers will need a GameCube adapter that was formerly expelled for a Nintendo Wii U. Once connected, players will simply have to daub on a L and R buttons to have a console detect a controller. Up to 4 GameCube controllers during a time can be connected to a Nintendo Switch.

Gamers should be warned, however, that a GameCube controller is not unequivocally a ideal one for a Nintendo Switch. Without a home symbol and one of a left shoulder buttons, it will not play good with some games that need full use of a Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons. However, for those who already possess a GameCube controller and a adapter, adding it to a concordant accessories for a hybrid console is a good bonus.

Is ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Coming To The Nintendo Switch?

The further of GameCube controller support to a Nintendo Switch competence demeanour like a tiny thing for some gamers. However, for fans of a massively renouned fighting array Super Smash Bros., a new underline hopefully means that a diversion is finally coming to a Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. players adore to use GameCube controllers for a fighting game, that is because there is an adapter to make a controllers concordant with a Nintendo Wii U in a initial place. The array is also arguably a biggest Nintendo authorization that has not nonetheless been announced for a Nintendo Switch, so now fans are anticipating that a diversion will arrive shortly to a hybrid console.

Another probable reason for a still further of GameCube controller support to a Nintendo Switch is that a Virtual Console, another long-requested feature, is set to be expelled for a hybrid console.

Nintendo recently listened to gamers with a further of save information send and video constraint features, along with a still further of wireless USB headphone support. Nintendo Switch owners are now anticipating that a association continues a run and shortly announces Super Smash Bros. or a Virtual Console for a device.

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