The hardware of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U (hands-on)

October 27, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Re-released GameCube gamepad for Wii U

When Nintendo announced a re-release of years aged diversion controllers from a Nintendo GameCube home console, it was some-more than a small surprising. What’s Nintendo doing re-releasing gamepads from 2001 for a still new-ish diversion console? And some-more importantly, why? It’s since of crazy people like me. In box it weren’t already clear, I’m a longtime fan of Nintendo’s Smash Bros. authorization — a 2D fighting diversion featuring a large cross-section of Nintendo’s biggest gaming franchises. Mario fights Zelda, for instance; we wrote a square violation down how it works and because it’s such a smashing authorization right here. So, what do GameCube controllers have to do with any of this?

Simple: The GameCube chronicle of Smash Bros. (Melee) is deliberate by many fans, including myself, to be a series’ best work to date. Beyond a diversion itself, a GameCube controller was heralded as a ideal fit for a series. And that’s because Nintendo’s re-releasing a gamepad from over 10 years ago, as good as an adapter: so a controllers will work with a arriving Wii U version, dubbed “Super Smash Bros. for Wii U”. Still weird, though a bit some-more judicious now, eh?

I spent a few hours this morning both regulating a re-issued controllers and saying how a NFC-based Amiibo figurines work on a Wii U chronicle of Smash Bros. Let’s get crazy.

First up: a re-released GameCube gamepad. When Nintendo says it’s re-releasing a GameCube controller, a association means that literally. The singular disproportion between new and aged (we brought a possess for comparison) is a trademark in a middle: where a aged controller says “Nintendo GameCube,” a new ones have a Smash Bros. pitch with abandon surrounding it. That’s it! The buttons feel a same, and a controller’s weird figure remains. It’s not an approximation. It’s not similar. It’s the same controller.

Of note, you’ll need a four-port GameCube controller adapter to make these puppies run on a Wii U (and yes, wireless Wavebird controllers also work in a adapter hub). Should your Wii U’s USB ports be occupied, that’s going to means an issue: a GameCube controller adapter takes adult two USB ports. If you’ve got any outmost storage adhering out of your Wii U (like we do), now’s a good time to pierce it to a behind of a console — GameCube controller wires are usually so prolonged and you’ll wish a adapter adhering out of a front of your Wii U. Gotta maximize that space, folks!



If we dreamed of Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines ferrying your favorite Smash Bros. impression and all of his/her stats from Wii U to Wii U, this competence hurt: Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines any enclose a single, unplayable character’s data. This isn’t your data, though a information of a impression we play with in eight-player Smash (among other modes). The impression gains “levels” as it plays, as good as training new moves and fighting styles. You can customize that impression as we wish, though we can’t indeed play as a impression housed in a Amiibo. Should we get a Pikachu Amiibo, you’ll have a Pikachu to customize (and a same goes for a rest — Mario houses Mario, etc.).

Given a latest Smash Bros‘. inclination for impression customization, we competence consider that a singular Amiibo could residence mixed customized versions of a character. You’d be wrong! A Nintendo repute simplified to me this morning that any Amiibo houses one chronicle of one character; we couldn’t build a rapid Pikachu and a champion Pikachu, for instance, and put them both on a singular Pikachu Amiibo. You’re selecting one chronicle or a other, that kinda stinks (especially deliberation that Amiibo total cost $12.99 apiece).

Setting adult and saving information on Amiibo is as easy as you’d think: simply daub and quickly reason a figurine on a Wii U gamepad’s NFC mark (on a left side, only underneath a d-pad). If you’re regulating Amiibos in battle, a diversion prompts we to daub any analogous figurines to a gamepad after conflict (to save out any information from a match).

The initial twelve Amiibo rising with a diversion on Nov 21st are as follows: Mario, Peach, Link, Samus, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Pikachu, Kirby, Fox, Marth, Villager and Wii Fit Trainer. There’s another collection set to arrive after this year. As for a GameCube adapter heart and controllers, they’ll also be accessible alongside a Wii U diversion in November; a heart costs $19.99 and any gamepad costs $29.99. If we went all a approach crazy and tossed out all your GameCube controllers from behind in a day, Nintendo’s putting together a Wii U Smash Bros. gold with a heart and one GameCube controller (as good as a diversion itself) for $99.99.


Oh, and in box you’re wondering: yes, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U was tremendously fun to play and looks as pointy or improved than Nintendo’s best efforts so distant on Wii U. Eight-player is definitely violent and clearly exists only for regulating Amiibo characters. we can’t presumably decider either or not a diversion is value your time formed on a hour (or so) we spent with it this morning, though as a longtime Smash Bros. fan I’ve entirely enjoyed a Wii U chronicle each time I’ve played it.

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