The initial ‘Smash Bros.’ in 6 years is accessible now, and we should play it

October 7, 2014 - Super Smash Bros

Smash Bros.-themed 3DS XL

There is a new Smash Bros. game, and it’s accessible as of final Friday. You know when a final game, Super Smash Bros. Brawl, was released? In 2008! Six years ago! So currently is a flattering sparkling day, during slightest for me. Hi, I’m Ben Gilbert, and I’ve been personification Smash Bros. with distant too many frankness for 15+ years. The new Smash Bros. for 3DS, however? I’ve usually been personification that for about dual weeks. The reviews are out! Our sister site Joystiq is pretty into it. we am also approach into it, and we wish to tell we why.

Look, we don’t do this — whatever “this” is — during Engadget really mostly (ever?). In heading a diversion coverage, I’ve intentionally skipped previews, reviews and other standards of diversion coverage; a sister site Joystiq does a good pursuit with that, and usually so many of we wish to know about a minutia of any video game. I’m creation an disproportion for Smash Bros., mostly for greedy reasons: we desperately wish to speak about a best diversion Nintendo’s expelled this year.


Don’t know what Smash Bros. is? Here’s a launch trailer for Super Smash Bros. for 3DS:

Smash Bros. is a Nintendo-made fighting diversion starring everyone’s favorite diversion characters. The expel ranges from Mario to Mega Man, and even includes new cult classics like Xenoblade‘s Shulk. The latest diversion has “over 40” characters in total: The rest of a believe is tailored around ancillary and fluctuating a nostalgia conjured by those dozens of characters.

If zero else, Smash Bros. is a outing down gaming history’s memory lane. No other diversion allows we to array Sonic a Hedgehog opposite Pac-Man, on a theatre formed on Pikmin, while deploying Pokémon balls as weapons. You know how mash-up artists take strike songs and spin them into something new? Smash Bros. is that, yet with video games, and it’s done by a association that combined many of those games.

Rather than mashing adult a gameplay systems from those several games, though, Smash Bros. takes a characters, their characteristics, and some of their diversion worlds, and brings them into a 2D, four-player fighting game. Players take those characters into one of many game-themed arenas and quarrel until time or lives run out.

Here’s where things get a small weird: rather than a life meter, Smash Bros. relies on a commission meter. The aloft your percentage, a some-more expected your impression is to be knocked out of a ring. If your impression is knocked out of a ring, we possibly remove a indicate or a life. Here’s a video that helps to explain:

Like many of Nintendo’s best work, Smash Bros. is blessedly simple: there is one set of moves that relates to any impression in a game. The plea isn’t in memorizing pierce lists, yet in requesting one set of elementary controls opposite a immeasurable swath of variables: that impression you’re fighting, a equipment on-screen, and how many some-more your impression can take before being knocked out (among many other things). It is elementary to understand, severe to master.


Smash Bros. for 3DS is a richest further to a franchise’s story in over 10 years. It’s a diversion focused earnestly on catering to both infrequent Mario fans and tattooed Nintendo hyper-loyalists. One mode allows we to utterly literally quarrel your approach by gaming history, epoch by era. You start by battling Mario and Donkey Kong, and finish adult confronting off with Wii Fit‘s demo trainer. Yes, really. It’s a diversion where you’re usually as expected to see Brain Training‘s Dr. Kawashima referenced as we are to see Super Mario Bros.‘s iconic goombas.


Beyond a initial offshoot of nostalgia, fascinating as it is, lies a diversion of measureless complexity. Smash Bros. is a diversion of variables, and believe of those variables creates a outrageous disproportion in how we play a game.

If you’re new to a series, a unclothed skeleton variables are all we need to know: that buttons do what actions. It’s wholly probable to have a good time personification Smash Bros. with a bottom turn believe about a many, many systems.

Perhaps we play as Starfox‘s Fox McCloud, and we suffer banishment lasers during your friends as they rivet in hand-to-hand combat. Plenty of fun to be had there! But maybe a Pokémon round lands subsequent to we — one of a pointless equipment that drops mid-battle — and we confirm to collect it up. You chuck it in a ubiquitous instruction of your friends, and a large Snorlax erupts, promulgation your friends sky high and concealment we dual knockouts. Now we know a new variable!

Smash Bros.’s biggest item — over a all-star expel and abounding library of worlds to pull from — is a fighting system. It’s no warn that in tournaments Smash Bros. is played with all equipment incited off, essentially in an locus famous as “Final Destination”: a prosaic plane. That’s because, yet there are usually dual movement buttons and jump, any impression is rarely nuanced in battle. More than simply replicate suggestive actions from their particular games, any warrior has a far-reaching accumulation of moves that are tuned to precision.

Yes, Mega Man has his normal blaster and Link carries a Master Sword, yet it’s what we do with those weapons that creates personification Smash Bros. so fun. For instance, training that moves have “priority” over your foes is usually one of dozens of systems underlying a games’ combat. “Priority” is meaningful that your strike is going to kick out your opponent’s strike — if we spike a timing, that is — and it’s that things that hooks longtime players like myself.


Smash Bros. on 3DS is a diversion we should play. There! we pronounced it! Did we grow adult with video games? Then we should play it. Don’t like fighting games? That’s okay! It’s still a ton of fun, and there’s copiousness of things to do that isn’t fighting.

Simply put, Smash Bros. on 3DS is a best diversion Nintendo’s expelled this year (and that’s observant a lot deliberation how good Mario Kart 8 is!). It’s a best Smash Bros. diversion given a final best entry, Super Smash Bros. Melee.

No, it’s not a full console diversion we’re all watchful for on Wii U (where is that, Nintendo?). And yes, your hands do spasmodic get close from personification a fighting diversion on a handheld console (even a 3DS XL). And yeah, a online still isn’t where it should be (nowhere nearby as good as Mario Kart 8, anyway). Despite all that, Smash Bros. for 3DS is a uninformed further to a franchise, an glorious game, and an easy idea to both newcomers and longtime fans. It is a full console Smash Bros. we’ve all been watchful for, usually it’s accessible on your 3DS right now.

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