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February 15, 2017 - Super Smash Bros


On Wednesday, Super Smash Bros. 4 legend Gonzalo Barrios (“ZeRo”) declared that Bayonetta is a best impression in a diversion right now. Since early final year, Bayonetta has left from a despised, over-powered monster to a large doubt symbol and, now, apparently, a offset yet chosen pick.


Following her February, 2016 release, maining Bayonetta could get we some vital hatred and, for a while, contest organizers heatedly discussed a ban. There were a few reasons why: Her D-tilt, Witch Twist and dive flog strike boxes were huge; her repairs was significant; her unbeatable recoveries done aggressive her mid-fall too risky; and her counter, that slows down time, was brutal. Most harmful were her combos. She could shake enemies by a nonstop fusillade of attacks and counters that left them helpless, potentially K.O.’d during 0-10% damage.

Many players regarded her as a totally damaged character. Bayonetta’s optics weren’t great, either. Nintendo expelled her after a “Smash Ballot” final that Nintendo impression would make it into a game. Several fans were confused given Bayonetta, over Banjo-Kazooie or King K. Rool, won a cameo. When she became available, Nintendo sole her for a pricey $5.99, a poignant apportionment of a whole game’s cost, which, total with her power, lent her a certain atmosphere of scumminess.


For a while, tip Bayonetta players frequently encountered nuisance and hatred during internal tournaments. Bayonetta categorical Marcus Wilson (“Pink Fresh”) told PvP Live that he’d perceived genocide threats for personification her, adding that he felt “alone and hated during events.” He says that others discredited a wins he warranted given of his impression choice. In a competition final year, Smash actor Osiris ire quit in a center of a compare opposite Wilson’s Bayonetta. Relatedly, Bayonetta categorical SaddSmasher pronounced on Reddit that he too was bullied during a internal tournament. He wrote, “Every time my compare starts some guys behind me start cheering during me whenever we do witchtime [her counter] or combo somebody. Nobody ever cheers for me and people call me ‘the nobody that buyed [sic] his skills for 5.99.’”

“It was fun for me to play her yet seems like nobody has fun fighting me,” he said.

Mid-2016, after months of outcry, a Smash team overhauled Bayonetta. Patch 1.1.6 was dedicated to pleat down her power, square by piece. Nintendo decreased several of her moves’ operation and hitboxes. The patch also nude down her up-B attack, augmenting a knockback and nerfing a range. It was no longer an inaccessible part to an inaccessible combo. Bayonetta’s combos finally became escapable.



The Smash community radically announced her dead. Without her combos, her whole playstyle was jeopardized. Some people pronounced a nerf was too much, given it would force Bayonetta mains to totally relearn her. Her member tools were still there, yet players were confused over how to square together and optimize them. In a video, Smash commentator ESAM said, “Wow, they unequivocally bodied her. They did her dirty.”

Saleem Young (“Salem”), now a best famous Bayonetta player, indeed welcomed her nerf. In an talk with TheMeta, he said, “The proceed she was during that time unequivocally wasn’t balanced. She could unequivocally only kill we from anywhere. Her being nerfed indeed helped people know a impression better.” The outcome is that Bayonetta’s meta has fragmented. Top players proceed her with a accumulation of opposite playstyles, one never too identical to another.


To re-master her, Young allegedly took a months-long Smash hiatus to seminar a new playstyle. Still, her bread-and-butter are in-air combos. Young’s Bayonetta pushes players off and above a theatre with a fibre of tilts and neutrals, returning to reserve with a Witch Twist. Bayonetta looks like she’s zig-zagging. And in enemies’ moments of weakness, Young slows down time with Witch Time for a kill. In smaller tournaments, he’s taken home several initial prizes. At The Big House 6, he placed in ninth, and during Genesis 4, 25th (Wilson won 97th there). Last September, Salem double-eliminated Barrios, snatching initial place during a tournament. “She technically doesn’t remove any match-ups,” Young told Barrios after a rematch. “If anything, it’s player-dependent.”

Barrios agrees that Bayonetta’s nerfs gave players a “bigger inducement to master each aspect of a character.” And, as a result, players like Young are starting to max her out, engineering unbeatable post-patch strategies. Barrios still thinks Bayonetta’s opposite is “the ultimate quip move.” “It comes out on support 5 for a opposite and creates we unsubstantial for frames 5-16, he says.” She can still strike a opposite out of a double-jump, definition players still risk her ire when they proceed her mid-fall. These moves have a tiny window for punishing, yet aren’t invincible, Barrios says.

But yet Young’s Bayonetta is a best right now, he hasn’t mastered aspects of her that other tip Bayonetta players have, like her delayed speed. It’s like Bayonetta’s essence was sparse opposite a tip 3 Bayonetta mains, and, if a pieces came together, she would be godlike again. Last week, Panda Global’s tier list put Bayonetta on top.


Without vital Bayonetta showings during tournaments, an “ideal” playstyle won’t process for a while. But Barrios’ fad that players are optimizing her is hopefully a step in a right direction. To master a damaged impression is disgraceful to many, yet even on a some-more even personification field, those who categorical her might confront some vestiges of fear.

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