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January 26, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

In one corner: Joseph “Mango” Marquez, a West Coast’s biggest Super Smash Bros. Melee player, leader of a initial Genesis tournament, new leader of The Big House 6, an American favourite and a approved Melee God.

In a other corner: Adam “Armada” Lindgren, Europe’s biggest Melee player, leader of Genesis 2 and 3, new leader of UGC Smash Open, a Swedish fable and a approved Melee God.

Now deliberate a biggest rivals in a game, Mango and Armada initial met during a contest hold outward San Francisco in 2009 where a dual competed in a really initial Genesis tournament, eventually assembly in a grand finals. With 290 entrants, it was a largest Melee contest in history.

Running from Friday to Sunday, scarcely 8 years later, Genesis 4 boasts 1,702 entrants — including Mango and Armada. If any compare goes their way, Mango and Armada could go toe-to-toe once again in a winners semifinals. And if we trust in fairytales, they could face off in a grand finals for a fourth Genesis in a row.

Rivalry during initial sight

Coming into their initial central contest compare during Genesis, Mango had already proven himself in a U.S., winning contest after contest via 2008 and 2009 to concrete himself as a favorite to win Genesis. As distant as a U.S. theatre was endangered during a time, Mango was maybe a biggest Melee actor in a world.

Meanwhile, on a other side of a bracket, Armada tore by a competition. The Swede was mostly different to U.S. players, deliberation this was his initial time competing in a States, a Mecca of Melee.

Both players dominated their pools, earning tip seeds on conflicting sides of a bracket. They dominated their brackets, expelling actor after actor until their fatal assembly during a winners finals on a final day of Genesis. The leader would pierce onto a grand finals while a crook would have to yield by losers semifinals and finals to make it behind to a categorical stage.

Playing as Peach, Armada degraded Mango in their initial match, promulgation Mango to a losers joint and intolerable a crowd. Mango degraded his opponents handedly, assembly Armada once again in a grand finals.

Using Jigglypuff for 7 out of 8 games in a two-set grand finals, Mango tore Armada down as a throng chanted for a American hero, finale a array with a ideal rest to send Armada’s Peach mountainous off a stage.

Although Mango took initial place in a end, Armada valid he could mount on a same belligerent as America’s tip player. 

This was usually a commencement of their story.

The battleground, Genesis

Armada began display adult during U.S. tournaments some-more and more, fixation good in mixed tournaments via 2010 and 2011 while Mango continued his power during a top. The dual usually entered a same tournaments a integrate times in those years though never managed to go one-on-one again.

Until Genesis 2.

Once again, a span tore by pools, finale adult on opposites sides of a joint with tip seeds. Armada degraded everybody in his path, creation a beeline for a grand finals while Mango was sent to a losers joint in a winners semifinals.

Once again, Mango pushed by a losers bracket.

Once again, Mango and Armada met in a grand finals of Genesis, dual years after they fought for initial place in their initial contest together.

Mango picked Fox and Armada stranded with Peach. Mango took a initial diversion and Armada took a second in a best-of-five set. They traded wins again, a measure unresolved during 2-2.

Like a 4 games before, Mango and Armada were both down to one batch in diversion five. Like a Genesis before, a throng was chanting for Mango.

But Armada was reading Mango’s moves too well, interlude any allege and removing hits in left and right. Mango had taken too most damage, and with one final neutral-air attack, Armada sent Mango drifting off a stage, too distant to recover.

Armada won Genesis 2. He and Mango were now 1-1 in grand finals matches.

Genesis went on interregnum for 5 years as Armada and Mango sculpted their possess reputations as dual of a Five Gods of Melee. The Five Gods — a mythological organisation that includes Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma, Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman and Kevin “PPMD” Nanney — frequency lose. For years, it was roughly guaranteed that one of them would win any given tournament.

When Genesis re-emerged in Jan 2016 with Genesis 3, a Melee theatre had exploded. Prize pools had increasing ten-fold as some-more players and fans flocked to a GameCube fighting diversion in droves. Melee was experiencing a possess renaissance. 

Genesis 3 again saw Mango and Armada with tip seeds on conflicting ends of a joint — nonetheless this time around a Gods skipped pools and were handed those placements automatically formed on their reputations.

Mango was again sent to a losers joint while Armada rode a winstreak all a approach to a grand finals, where he eventually met with Mango for a third Genesis in a row.

After losing a initial dual games to Mango’s Fox, Armada switched from Fox to Peach though mislaid a initial set 1-3, promulgation a grand finals into a winner-takes-all second set.

Whoever won a subsequent set would take a lead for Genesis titles.

Although a throng stayed on Mango’s side for a entirety of a match, Armada was gunning for victory. Handling Mango’s Fox Armada took a initial dual games and fast sent a finals into compare point.

Mango answered, winning a tighten turn to put him on a house and conduct into diversion 4 on Final Destination. Armada tranquil a game, putting Mango divided to take initial place during Genesis 3.

In a years given their initial meeting, Mango and Armada have traded wins during contest after tournament. Armada has a stream compare lead during 20-18 — a usually actor in a universe who has some-more wins than waste opposite Mango.

Genesis is usually a square of that history, though it’s a array that continues to place a dual Gods in a grand finals opposite any other, notwithstanding a odds.

This might be a initial Genesis to have a third Melee actor in a grand finals, or it might be another sparkling entrance in a Mango/Armada saga. Perhaps Mango will take initial place, restraining adult their Genesis annals once again. Or maybe Armada will win a championship and infer himself to be a widespread actor once and for all.

We’ll see what happens this weekend.

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