The Big House 5: Super Smash Bros. Melee & For Wii U Results

October 7, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

It’s over! The Big House 5, competitive Super Smash Bros.’ biggest grassroots contest of a year (and a second biggest Melee event ever), has usually finished. Over a past few days, players from around a universe have been battling it out to see who is a best actor in a universe in both Super Smash Bros. For Wii U and Super Smash Bros. Melee.

From upsets to winning play, a eventuality was chock full of sparkling events.  Although hype was primarily hampered due to tip players like William “TSM | Leffen” Hjelte and Kevin “CLG | PewPewU” Toy not being means to attend, it eventually strike it’s walk and constructed a weekend of Super Smash Bros. to remember.

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Being a categorical event, Melee was jam packaged with hype. All four of a “Big Six” who participated in a eventuality done it to a Upper Bracket side of Top 8 and were assimilated by 3 other tip players and 1 warn favourite in a Lower Bracket to spin a final 8 up.

Upper Bracket:

AdamAlliance | Armada” Lingren (Peach, Fox) vs Jason “MVG Cognitive | Mew2King” Zimmerman (Sheik, Marth)

JosephCloud 9 | MangoMarquez (Falco, Fox) vs JuanTeam Liquid | Hungrybox” Debiedma (Jigglypuff)

Lower Bracket: 

StephenAbateAbate vs  DaJuanWinterfox | ShroomedMcDaniel

WestonTempo Storm | WestballzDennis vs ZacharySFATCordoni

One of a highlights of a night was when Hungrybox faced off against Mango. Having a losing set record opposite Cloud 9’s usually FGC player, he was approaching to remove a set and ensue to a Lower Bracket. In a spin of events, he degraded Mango (3-0), presumably proof that their set during Evolution 2015 was no small apportionment and that he catching adult to a latter match-up wise.

Few approaching a Luigi categorical to place high and really nothing gamble on one removing tip 8 though somehow, Abate did a impossible. He went through many high size players such as Pikachu dilettante Jeffrey “Tempo Storm | Axe” Williamson,  Johnny “S2J” Kim (in what some competence call a Set Of The Year) and finally, James “Duck” Ma in sequence to secure his place in tip 8 by a Lower Bracket. While he mislaid to Shroomed in a initial spin of Losers Eights (Winner gets 8th place), a fact that he placed within a tip 8 is a mythological attainment alone.

In a end, a boat from Sweden, Alliance’s Armada, took initial place over Hungrybox in an heated 3-2 set. This means that Armada has successfully shielded his “Best In The World” pretension from Evolution 2015 and marks a second time he has defeated Hungrybox in a Grand Finals of a super vital event. For those meddlesome in statistics about a Melee scene in general, Daniel “MIOM | Tafokints” is a chairman to go to.

Top 16 Results (Bracket pleasantness of, Prize pool information pleasantness of Smashboards):

1. Alliance | Armada – Fox, Peach – $7,268
2. Team Liquid | Hungrybox –
3. MVG Cognitive | Mew2King –
Sheik, Marth, Fox – $2,180.40
4. Cloud 9 | Mango –
Fox, Falco – $1,453.60
5. Tempo Storm | Westballz –
Falco – $908.50
5. Winterfox | Shroomed –
Sheik – $908.50
7. SFAT –
Fox – $545.10
7. Abate –
Luigi – $545.10
9. Lucky –
Fox – $181.70
9. mYinsanity | Ice –
Fox – $181.70
9. Duck –
Samus – $181.70
9. S2J –
Captain Falcon – $181.70
13. Swedish Delight –
13. Follow eSports | MacD –
13. Follow eSports | Nintendude –
Ice Climbers
13. Panda Gaming | Plup –

Super Smash Bros. For Wii U

Not to be outdone, For Wii U was really many hype as well. For over 50 tournaments, Chilean luminary Gonzalo ” TSM | ZeRo” Barrios has been undefeated, dropping during many a singular set or a few games before annihilating a competition. The closest anyone has come to defeating him before The Big House 5 was Eric “PG | ESAM” Lew during a Upper Bracket Finals of Super Smash Con.

To a warn of many (more so than Abate creation Top 8), it was Maryland Virginia (a traditionally “weak” region) or MDVA’s Joe “Seagull Joe” Raucher who degraded him in a rough rounds. While ZeRo did conduct to validate for Top 8 around Lower Bracket, he traveled than he would if he had competent from a Upper Bracket side.

On a other hand, Nairoby “Liquid | Nairo Quezada swept by a Upper Bracket, set to accommodate dual of his unchanging opponents in a Tri-State (New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia) area Samuel “IQHQ | Dabuz” Buzby or  Vincent “IQHQ | Vinnie” Cannino in Upper Bracket Finals.

Upper Bracket:

Nairoby “Team Liquid | Nairo” Quezada (Zero Suit Samus) vs  “Rayquaza07” (Rosalina And Luma)

Samuel “IQHQ | Dabuz” Buzby (Rosalina And Luma) vs Vincent IQHQ | Vinnie Cannino (Sheik)

Lower Bracket: 

Yuta “Abadango” Kawamura (Rosalina And Luma, Meta Knight, Pacman) vs  Jason “Anti” Bates (Mario, Sheik, Wii Fit Trainer)

Gonzalo “Team Solo Mid | ZeRo” Barrios (Sheik, Diddy Kong) vs Dustin “2Scoops | Zenyou” Rice (Mario)

After a unsure opening in a rough rounds, ZeRo ran by a Lower Bracket apportionment of Top 8 usually to face Anti in Lower Bracket Semi Finals. While a re-emerging Tri-State savage put adult a tighten fight, he still mislaid to ZeRo in a 3-2 set. Defeating Dabuz in Lower Bracket Finals, he faced off against Nairo, his array one opposition given a older Super Smash Bros. games.  

Again, while final set was close, ZeRo proved to be a stronger actor and shielded his winning streak. Whether someone will take an whole contest off of him in a future, is still in a air. What it proves however, is that a foe in the Super Smash Bros. For Wii U stage is usually removing improved and improved everyday.

Top 16 Results (Bracket pleasantness of, Prize pool information pleasantness of Smashboards):

1. Team Solo Mid | ZeRo – Sheik – $2,448
2. Team Liquid | Nairo – Zero Suit Samus – $1,224
3. iQHQ | Dabuz – Rosalina Luma – $918
4. Anti – Sheik, Mario, Luigi, Wii Fit Trainer – $612
5. iQHQ | Vinnie – Sheik – $306
5. Rayquaza07 – Rosalina Luma, Sheik – $306
7. 2Scoops | Zenyou – Mario – $153
7. Abadango – Meta Knight, Pac-Man, Rosalina Luma – $153
9. Seagull Joe – Sonic
9. Panda Gaming | ESAM – Pikachu
9. Trela – Ryu
9. modbot | 6WX – Sonic Ryu
13. Megafox – Fox
13. Boreal eSports | Ally – Mario
13. Fatality – Captain Falcom
13. Karna – Sheik


Super Smash Bros. is now a regularly lonesome authorization here on Inquirer! Stay tuned for some-more news, contest sum and calm about a series, a general village and a South East Asian scene.



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