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June 21, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. Melee hasn’t altered many given 2001, though a hugely renouned height fighter’s metagame is constantly evolving. Players continue to learn new techniques, that opens a doorway for up-and-coming talents to climb adult on even a many maestro smashers.

Despite unchanging changes in Melee’s Top 100, 5 players have won each singular inhabitant contest given early 2015. The craziness between a best players and a rest of a tip 30 is so good that even infrequent viewers can reliably envision a tip 4 placers during many vital events. While a Era of a Five Gods, a time when 5 players won each singular vital contest from a late 2000s to 2013, might have finished with Kevin “PPMD” Nanney’s interregnum and a arise of William “Leffen” Hjelte, enormous a tip of opposition Melee continues to be a attainment for customarily a many dedicated smashers.

That’s given we’re putting together a list of a stream best players in opposition Melee. Whether you’re new to a diversion or a seasoned vet, these are a names we need to know before we watch your subsequent Melee Top 8.

Alliance | Armada (Peach, Fox)

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Adam “Armada” Lindgren is a best Smash Bros. actor in a world. Fresh off a widespread nine-tournament winning streak, Armada is a final trainer for anyone looking to hide in a contest win. Since Feb 2015, Armada has a many contest wins and hasn’t placed outward tip 3 during any vital contest he’s entered.

Armada’s coherence puts him above a rest of a Gods. Even in his losses, Armada army his opponents to their brink, while winning a margin improved than anyone; even holding a diversion off of Armada is deliberate a large feat. His final dual majors haven’t been his best, he placed third during Smash ‘N’ Smash and second during Royal Flush, though it’ll take some-more than a integrate waste to unseat Sweden’s finest.

Team Liquid | Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)

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With clever spacing and cruel punishes, Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma is always a hazard to take any given tournament. Hungrybox is a customarily Jigglypuff actor in a SSBM Top 40, that is a covenant to his insinuate believe of a character’s diversion devise and execution. Hungrybox is a reigning EVO champion, and if it weren’t for a muted second half of a year, he might’ve been a best actor in 2016.

Like Armada, Hungrybox frequency drops games outward of a tip 5, notwithstanding confronting rarely learned players in argumentative matchups like Fox and Falco. Hungrybox is mostly referred to as a many purchase smasher, as his last-stock rest reads are legendary. Hungrybox is a final actor we wish to take diversion five, final hit, final batch — in that situation, he’s even improved than Armada.

Cloud9 | Mango (Fox, Falco)

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While Armada is a many unchanging and Hungrybox a many clutch, Joseph “Mango” Marquez has a many fun of any smasher. The personality of MangoNation, a loudest and many dedicated fanbase in Melee, fans infrequently fun that Mango is a Mario Kart streamer that plays Melee on a side. That said, stellar performances during Royal Flush and Genesis 4 concrete his box as a tip 3 player.

Mango’s craziness is is biggest demon. But for each seventh-place finish, there’s a historic losers’ run opposite a best players around, and when Mango is on, no one can kick him. Mango’s strength is his unusual preference creation and clever clarity of what his competition wants to do. He’ll mostly go for flighty plays given he’s assured it’ll compensate off—and it customarily does. Mango also has some of a best lasers of any active Falco, and his combo diversion will cocktail in any prominence reel. Whether he busters out or not, Mango’s fans will have his back.

Red Bull, TSM | Leffen (Fox)

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William “Leffen” Hjelte might’ve singular handedly put an finish to a Era of a Five Gods, as he kick each singular one of them and valid himself a hazard to win any tournament. Leffen is a youngest actor on this list — he’s customarily 22 — though his accomplishments already tip some of a game’s greatest. In fact, if visa issues didn’t keep him out of a U.S. for many of 2016, he might’ve done a run during Hungrybox’s No. 2 mark in final year’s ranking.

Leffen’s Fox is one of a fastest. He uses accurate transformation and high-risk techniques to pull his impression to a boundary during a tip of a complicated metagame. Leffen infrequently struggles with consistency, though his rise could opposition Mango, if given a right opportunity. Although he eventually mislaid 3-1 in a second set of grands, Leffen’s new losers’ run during Smash ‘N’ Splash 3 enclosed sets over Mango, Armada, and Hungrybox. Watch out for Leffen to make even some-more runs this summer; he’s only removing started.

MVG, Echo Fox | Mew2King (Marth, Sheik, Fox)

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Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman somehow balances mixed games and characters to be one of a best altogether Smash Bros. players in a scene. Mew2King thrives on a ledge, knocking opponents divided and gimping their recovery. He’s also widespread on Final Destination, where no platforms can save we from his cruel sequence grabs.

Like his tip turn counterparts, Mew2King does onslaught progressing rise opening late into tournaments. Unlike Mango, who thrives in a losers’ bracket, Mew2King wins from ahead. If Mew2King gets knocked into losers, his genius suffers and his opening deteriorates. An instance of this was Genesis 4, where Mew2King scarcely bested Armada in winners finals, though was knocked out 3-1 in losers finals. Still, Mew2King mostly dominates obtuse opponents, and is still a estimable counter for any tip pro. 

Team Liquid | ChuDat (Ice Climbers)

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The newest member of Team Liquid, Daniel “ChuDat” Rodriguez, has been a tip Melee actor from a start. His tip placings camber each epoch given 2003, though his 2017 run is one of his best yet. ChuDat started a year by violence Mango during Smash Summit Spring, Smash Rivalries and Dreamhack Austin. He warranted second during Dreamhack, scarcely resetting a joint opposite Hungrybox in a timeout scenario.

This year ChuDat also took mixed sets off of Mew2King, including a win during Battle of BC 2 in early June. His studious play and cruel stagger setups have even spawned discuss over either a Ice Climbers’ argumentative gigantic should be authorised in a initial place. Regardless, ChuDat is another name to watch for a rest of 2017.

Panda Global | Plup (Sheik)

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While not a God, Plup is one of a many unchanging tip players in Melee. He placed in a Top 6 of each vital he’s attended this year, and he won several built regionals to set himself detached from a pack. Plup even placed fifth with Luigi during CEO Dreamland, that is now a top Luigi fixation during a national.

Don’t let his top-flight Luigi or Samus (his former main) dope you: Plup is also one of a many technical Sheik players in a world, with accurate transformation and unchanging tech chases. He has wins over all a Gods, save Armada, and clever annals opposite players somewhat next him. Look for Plup to continue his fifth-place streak, maybe earning a few upsets along a way.

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