The Best (and Weirdest) Advanced Techniques in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

February 16, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Bowser’s dark power

Bowser has some intriguing Brawl-exclusive tech that was comparatively underexplored during Brawl’s rival lifespan, mostly due to a character’s nothingness in a aloft levels of play. However, these techniques yield Bowser with odd abilities that, when grown further, could have authorised him to solemnly stand a tier list if a Brawl metagame had continued to develop.

In Brawl, Bowser’s grab release is singular in that he has 11 frames of advantage over many other characters, permitting him to regrab each impression in a diversion after a belligerent recover besides Donkey Kong, Jigglypuff, and Yoshi. Bowser can force a belligerent recover by pummeling each 28 frames, permitting him to effectively chain grab many characters opposite a theatre whenever he gets a grab. After atmosphere releases, Bowser is guaranteed some good follow-ups, such as aerial side-B (Flying Slam) on Kirby or Mario.

Bowser can also use Flying Slam to koopa hop, or eternally stay in a atmosphere by inputting jumps immediately after regulating side-B. This transformation technique allows Bowser to bluster both aerial and grounded attacks simultanously and affords him a ability to brew adult opponents by weaving by a atmosphere menacingly.

It’s roughly startling that we never saw a top-level Bowser actor ruthlessly chaingrab an competition opposite Final Destination during Brawl’s heyday. Is Bowser’s support information truly so terrible that it renders his koopa bound useless? Or is Bowser a tip tier that never was—secretly viable for all a years of rival Brawl, yet underestimated by all? Unless a top-level Brawl doctrinaire like Vishal “V115” Balaram develops a Bowser, we’ll never know.

Though it had many flaws, Brawl was a nuanced and technical diversion that competence have flourished if game-breaking characters like Meta Knight and Ice Climbers didn’t browbeat a metagame. However, a rival Brawl scene is distant from dead. Last year’s biggest Brawl tournament, Super Smash Con 2017, drew a whopping 182 entrants!

More importantly, a complicated Brawl metagame is no longer eclipsed by a aforementioned tip tiers. While Nairo won Super Smash Con 2017 with his barbarous Meta Knight, usually one other Meta Knight categorical was means to make his approach into Top 8. That player, Cody, is explanation that there are opportunities for new (or during slightest new-ish) blood to mangle by to a top turn of Brawl: yet he’s competed in Brawl tournaments (using a tab Quest) given 2012, Smash Con was Cody’s initial vital Top 8.

There’s still copiousness of excellence for a holding in a complicated Brawl scene, and these modernized techniques are required believe for anyone perplexing to cut themselves a cut of it. If this essay tickled your fancy, cruise banishment adult your Wii, practicing your koopa hops, and fasten a fun!

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