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March 9, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

2. Adam ‘Armada’ Lindgren – $118,758.06
With over $71,000 in winnings, Armada was a many financially-successful Smash actor of 2015. Victories during a Smash Summit, EVO and DreamHack London netted him over $32,000, while wins and top-three finishes opposite roughly all a vital events brought in a rest of his money. It wasn’t usually 2015 where Armada done a decent amount; years of mastery on a European and general stage have postulated him a mark in a pantheon of Smash gods and netted him many thousands of dollars: already in 2016 he has won over $12,000, mostly interjection to feat during GENESIS 3 in San Jose. As Armada is deliberate by many to be a best Melee actor in a universe right now, his power of prevalence will many expected continue and he could simply be severe for a tip mark on this list in a few months.

1. Jason ‘Mew2King’ Zimmerman – $144,535.37
Despite not winning some-more than $5,000 from a singular event, Mew2King is a many financially-successful Smash actor ever – during slightest formed on famous contest esteem income wins. Mew2King creatively started personification in Melee tournaments in 2005, though has also competed extensively in Brawl and Project M, along with a handful of Smash 4 tournaments given any game’s particular release. While he might have faltered during many of a big-money events in new years, he has proven to be impossibly consistent, usually once earning reduction than $5,000 in a calendar year given 2006. One of Mew2King’s other crowning achievements, alongside being one of a 5 gods of Smash, is his review work into Melee. He detected many statistics a diversion evidently hides from a player, such as impression weight, tumble speed and other production systems. He might not have been a many successful Melee actor in 2015, as that endowment goes to Armada, though Mew2King stays one of a biggest Super Smash Bros. players in a world, and his prolonged career has warranted him a tip mark on a list.

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