Tekken 7 gets Final Fantasy’s Noctis, solemnly apropos Smash Bros.

November 13, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Tekken 7 is removing a new character: Noctis, of Final Fantasy XV fame. He’ll be partial of a Spring 2018 DLC pack, Bandai Namco announced on Monday.

That means a game facilities characters from a Tekken star (duh), as good as Street Fighter’s Akuma, Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard and now a impression from Square Enix’s Final Fantasy universe. The expel of characters is solemnly entrance a same turn of authorization accumulation as Nintendo’s garb Smash Bros. games.

The news initial pennyless in San Francisco during a finals of a Tekken World Tour, an esports tournament that’s been distracted given a game’s console recover in June. Bandai Namco afterwards put a above video on YouTube. It looks wild.

It’s not a initial time Square Enix has lent one of a pivotal Final Fantasy characters to another brand, with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U removing Final Fantasy 7’s Cloud Strife in 2015. That announcement, by a way, happened accurately dual years ago today.

Tekken 7 topped sales charts on a release, and has sole over 1 million copies, according to VGChartz. Bandai Namco now hopes to keep those fans personification in a form of new DLC characters and features. Similar can be pronounced of Final Fantasy XV, that strike store shelves final Oct after a decade of development. There’s a multiplayer DLC, Comrades, entrance on Nov. 15, and a single-player chapter, Episode Ignis, releasing on Dec. 13.

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