Team YP Returns to Super Smash Bros with Captain Falcon Ace Fatality

May 22, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

Team YP announced their lapse to Super Smash Bros with a signing of Captain Falcon categorical Griffin ‘Fatality’ Miller. He’s widely deliberate to be a best Captain Falcon categorical in a universe and is ranked 28th on a many new book of a Panda Global Rankings.

“Our constant supporters would know that one of a players we sealed to Team YP a small over a year ago was Bizzarro Flame,” pronounced Brad Burns, VP of YouPorn. “Feels good to be returning to informed territory, and we consider a fans will conclude a newest further as well.”

Fatality has an considerable resume as a rival Smasher, fixation second many recently during 2GGC Civil War, and grabbed a win during Fusion IV in both singles and doubles. He’s famous for a complicated use of dash-dancing, regulating it for spacing, mind games and approaches.

He’s really important for his use of Captain Falcon’s footstool-to-down-air combos, heading to hype moments like this one:

What’s good about Fatality is that he brings a new kind of appetite to a organization,” continued Burns. “He reminds us a lot of Bizzarro in that way. He’s someone who can hype adult his impression and a classification in a certain way, all while winning tournaments.”

Fatality will be participating in a Gwinnett Brawl this weekend, Momocon in Atlanta from May 25-28, and CEO 2017 in mid-June.

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