Team eLevate signs Smash Bros. aspirant Kunnu "Shofu" Shofu

August 12, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

Aug 10, 2016

Team eLevate stretched a holding in a Super Smash Bros. theatre by signing Kunnu “Shofu” Shofu, a Brawl and Wii U competitor. Shofu will paint a group not usually on theatre though also on a mic as a caster, in further to aiding in a media and selling division.

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  • “Now, with Shofu fasten us, we are demonstrating a joining to enchanting a village even more,” eLevate CEO Brandon Hatfield told ESPN. “We are vehement during what this means for a media group as good as a veteran illustration during events. We acquire Shofu to a family and can’t wait to see what a destiny brings!”

    Shofu is a second new further to a team’s holdings, after it picked adult tip Smash for Wii U Fox actor Larry “Larry Lurr” Holland, who assimilated a patrol in Jun as a initial fighting diversion player. The group has taken seductiveness in stability to enhance within a fighting diversion community, following good accepting of a initial pickup, Hatfield told ESPN.

    “Joining eLevate is an implausible event for me,” Shofu told ESPN. “Larry is privately one of my friends and favorite players, and he and a rest of a staff during eLevate are staid to assistance me surpass both as a actor and a media creator. This pierce has unequivocally encouraged me to give it all we have — I’m looking brazen to good things with eLevate!”

    Shofu is famous for his YouTube channel, that focuses on Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon content. However, he recently began competing during a likes of Genesis 3 and CEO in Smash for Wii U, and he commentated on a diversion during Genesis 3.

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