‘Super Smash Bros. Wii U’ Leak Confirms Ryu And Roy Joining Roster

June 13, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

A new leak has reliable a existence of dual arriving DLC characters for Wii U’s Super Smash Bros. The resources were datamined from a newest Wii U update, and Street Fighter’s Ryu and Fire Emblem’s Roy have been reliable to be fasten a expel during a after date.

There are videos of both fighters in action, along with official describe art, and a Ryu-specific stage pulled from Street Fighter 2. The datamine was so extensive, it even pulled images of their alternate costumes in a horde of opposite colors.

This is kind of a bummer for Nintendo Nintendo, as Ryu privately fasten Smash Bros. is a flattering large deal, and one that they presumably wanted to save for some partial of their E3 announcements, or a Smash Bros. Direct tomorrow. Fire Emblem fans will be jazzed about Roy’s inclusion as well, yet there are already 4 other characters from a array in a game.

The entrance of Ryu competence seem pointless as he’s distant from a Nintendo exclusive, yet Smash Bros. has a story of attracting guest stars from all demeanour of third parties. Past and benefaction Smash games have enclosed Solid Snake, Sonic a Hedgehog, Pac Man, and Capcom’s possess Mega Man, so Ryu isn’t all that many of a stretch.

Nintendo recently had a poll where they asked fans that dear video diversion characters should seem as destiny DLC in a game, and presumably many requested Roy and Ryu. But that open doubt got to a indicate where developers were undisguised lobbying for their possess characters to be enclosed in a game. Microsoft Microsoft’s Phil Spencer pronounced Banjo-Kazooie would be a good further (and he’s positively right), and Team Team Meat was austere that Super Meat Boy should join a fight, that would be a high form boost for a indie star. we also listened many, many pleas for Shovel Knight.

Obviously Nintendo can’t embody all requests, yet removing your impression in Smash Bros. is something of a badge of respect for many developers, and a win-win for all parties. In Ryu’s case, it substantially helps that Street Fighter 5 is entrance out this year, so his entrance can offer as graduation for that game.

There’s indeed a pre-E3 Super Smash Bros. Direct tomorrow, so it’s probable one or both of these characters would have been announced afterwards and not during E3 (though we have a camber Ryu competence have been saved for a large event).  Whatever a strange devise was, I’m certain that it will be scrapped and both will be announced tomorrow in a arise of this leak. It unequivocally is too bad as it’s always some-more fun to learn these things by warn announcements and not datamining and forum posts, yet this is a age we live in.



Smash Bros. isn’t a usually array to humour a high form E3 leak. Bungie’s Destiny also had a garland of sum spilled about a tumble “Taken King” expansion, yet zero utterly this extensive. This was literally each aspect of a Ryu and Roy reveal, down to new stages and a colors of their swap costumes.

The refurbish also includes a Splatoon Inkling trophy, and if we had to guess, someone, somewhere is tough during work crafting an Inkling that will work as a fighter. You don’t entrance a many poignant new Nintendo IP in over a decade and not have them join Super Smash Bros. we suspect that they could only wait for a subsequent diversion in a array when it’s recover for a Nintendo NX in uh, 5 years or so, yet that’s a prolonged time. we entirely design a playable Inkling someday in a lifespan of this chronicle of Smash Bros.

We’ll see if a trickle missed anything tomorrow during Nintendo’s Direct, yet for now it seems like a light has been shone on many of a nooks and crannies. Regardless of how a news leaked out, Ryu and Roy are plain additions to a diversion all a same.

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