Super Smash Bros. Update 1.1.6 to Focus on Bayonetta

May 20, 2016 - Super Smash Bros

It seems Bayonetta will take a uncover for Super Smash Bros. refurbish 1.1.6, one Twitter user detected after sifting by a new patch files.

“Wait, am we saying this right,” Random Talking Bush asked final night in a Tweet. “Apparently Bayonetta’s a ‘only’ impression altered in a SSB4U v1.1.6 patch. The others compare v1.1.5’s.”

But many of his supporters had questions. They wanted to know some-more information. They indispensable “sources.” Random Talking Bush replied: “After unpacking a files, ‘param/fighter_param_vl_bayonetta.bin’ and ‘fighter/bayonetta/script/animcmd/game.bin’ are a usually dual changed.”

The download distance for a Wii U chronicle of refurbish 1.1.6 will need approximately 61 MB, while a 3DS chronicle will need about 325 MB. As for a poignant record distance difference, Random Talking Bush says it’s expected “because of a ungainly approach Nintendo does their rags with redundancies (3DS moreso than Wii U).”

Random Talking Bush is a same Twitter user who detected Roy, Lucas, and Ryu in a Super Smash Bros. patch files behind in Jun 2015 — forward of their central release. The same chairman also unearthed a Splatoon Inkling Girl prize and stages for Kirby’s Dream Land 64 and Street Fighter II.

Super Smash Bros. refurbish 1.1.6 is expected to go live by month’s end.

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