Super Smash Bros. Pros Explain Competitive Theories in Reading, Zoning and …

February 21, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

If we imagination combative with a best, watch this

Your common writer, like many in a Nintendo Life team, likes Super Smash Bros. a lot, with a latest entries on Wii U and 3DS pulling a buttons. While some of us in a broader village might be decent players that can contest good in occasional online matches, rival pro players are naturally on another level. It’s not only about stringing a few moves together during a tip level, though there’s a lot of speculation and pointing during play.

We’ve watched a share of footage from a rival scene, though some of a explanation and vernacular can go over a heads, not to discuss rapacious all of a techniques on show. A video array from Rush Hour Smash goes some approach to explain; it doesn’t uncover we how to turn a pro player, necessarily, though explains theories of play that should assistance we manager and sight yourself to improve.

The 3 lessons so distant cover a “neutral game”, zoning and reading, all pivotal techniques during a top level. Check them out and let us know what we think.

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