Super Smash Bros. Pro Loses His Own Tournament to Newcomer

March 26, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

During this weekend’s 2GGC: Civil War eventuality in Santa Ana, California, professional Super Smash Bros. player Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios was bested by new child on a retard Luhtie, who, in an large upset, kicked him behind to 49th place in a altogether tournament. The best-of-five array was brutal, yet finished in Luhtie defeating a obvious champion and a throng of people entertaining in repelled celebration.

Many suspicion a event, that pits some of best Super Smash Bros. for Wii U gamers opposite one another, would finish in a customary feat for ZeRo, the undisputed Super Smash Bros. global kingpin from 2014 to 2015. A comparatively opposite actor in a Super Smash Bros. scene, reportedly usually personification a pretension for about 11 months before entering a 2GGC: Civil War tournament, Luhtie was believed to be desirous if not a bit genuine to go head-to-head with ZeRo. But things took utterly a spin come diversion time.

In a match-up, ZeRo played as one of his signature characters, Diddy Kong, while Luhtie mained Zero Suit Samus. The array was a tug-of-war between a dual gamers, yet Luhtie managed to stay alive by delivering vicious blows in mid-air attacks, moves that valid intelligent when he lasted until a final match’s final stock, yet he was hardly unresolved on.

Luhtie was during 138% repairs and roughly certain to die during a hands of ZeRo. While Luhtie repeatedly dodged ZeRo’s attacks, ZeRo kept lunging in attempts to better his competition for good. However, this left a champion unprotected and vulnerable, and Luhtie pounced. The visitor bloody ZeRo’s Diddy Kong off a tip of a game’s theatre during only 54%. The throng and commentators roared with dishonesty and fad during a fact that Luhtie outplayed one of a world’s best Super Smash Bros. gamers.

Fellow Smash professional actor Nairo remarkable ZeRo’s unsure certainty early on. “ZeRo played with really small certainty [and was] really nervous,” he pronounced on Twitter. “[That’s] really singular to see.” This uncharacteristic appearance was expected wreckage to his performance, even some-more so when interconnected with Luhtie’s relentless plays.

While Luhtie reflected on his win, saying on Twitter that he was “feeling unreal” post-game, it was a opposite story for ZeRo. The champion took a loss quite hard, a rather astonishing response from a pro actor with so many past wins and so many hours of experience. In a array of tweets, ZeRo addressed his better and entrance in 49th, his misfortune chain ever:

“Time to hang a controller for good… Not a good day to be 0 or a 0 fan. we don’t merit your kindness. When we remove we wanna investigate and urge and keep personification yet we only don’t have a will to keep personification after that… [It] sucks to make something your life each singular day, all day, and still be absolutely, completely, over terrible.”

In a end, however, Luhtie’s feat was short-lived, as he finished adult being separated during his really subsequent match. He placed 33rd overall.

super pound bros contest 0 luhtie upset

This positively isn’t a initial time an eSports idol has been taken down by an under-the-radar gamer, and positively won’t be a last. Luhtie’s win over ZeRo isn’t only an instance of a complexities of gameplay styles, experience, and time spent perfecting a angle during that we proceed a certain pretension (and certain opponents), it also shows how eSports has turn incomparable and incomparable over a years. With an assemblage inching toward 1,000, and high-energy battles like Luhtie contra ZeRo, 2GGC: Civil War is yet a singular eventuality that seems to prove eSports could be as large as unchanging sports.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U is accessible now.

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