Super Smash Bros actor has a annuity on him after 34 uninterrupted contest …

May 23, 2015 - Super Smash Bros


There is one actor now winning a 1v1 difficulty in Super Smash Bros Wii U tournaments: Gonzalo “Zero” Barrios has won each singular 1v1 contest he has participated in, dating behind to Nov of final year. That’s 34 uninterrupted wins.

He’s so good that someone put a $250 annuity on him — who ever beats him, wins $250. The annuity was offering by a owners of a Community Effort Orlando, a fighting diversion tournament.

But that $250 wasn’t enough, so a annuity was fast upped to $500, interjection to a owners of, who also wants to see Barrios dump from a throne.

Barrios will be participating in a CEO 2015 contest in June, that is where a annuity could expected be claimed. Or not expected — he didn’t win 34 true matches by luck.

You can check out a chatter announcing Barrios’ annuity below, and his response to a bounty, putting it plainly: “Hell no, Not vouchsafing this happen”:

Barrios’ response:

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