Nintendo has no skeleton to offer paid DLC for a Wii U or 3DS editions of Super Smash Bros., diversion executive Masahiro Sakurai reliable in a new interview. His reasoning? He doesn’t wish players to feel as if Nintendo cut calm from a categorical diversion so it could make a discerning sire after on.

“I know that DLC could supplement a lot to a interest of Smash Bros.,” Sakurai told VideoGamer. “And we conclude that a vital partial of a fad for these games come from that characters will seem in a roster, so we consider fans could unequivocally suffer DLC that could keep this fad going. However, we consider there competence be critique that we are slicing adult calm to sell characters one by one, or that we are adding things after that should have been there from a start.”

The game’s stream register of 51 fighters already represents an “incredible package,” Sakurai said. Plus, adding some-more characters to a brew would come with outrageous costs to what has already been a straining growth process, he said.

“Creating DLC would engage vast additional costs and need a impasse of a lot of people,” Sakurai explained. “I can’t nonetheless give we an answer about either a cost would clear a costs and criticisms mentioned above.”

Sakurai also mentions in a talk that Smash Bros. characters formed on Nintendo executives Reggie Fils-Aime and Satoru Iwata, as good as attention fable Shigeru Miyamoto, would not be renouned with a ubiquitous audience.

“I don’t consider a inclusion of these characters would be really engaging to a far-reaching audience,” Sakurai explained. “For a volume of bid involved, we would indeed cite to supplement another register character. As it takes a lot of work to supplement a impression to a game, it’s not a preference that can be taken lightly.”

Nintendo does have some skeleton for Super Smash Bros. DLC, as a association will give divided a playable impression Mewtwo to people who register both a 3DS and Wii U versions of a game. No other giveaway DLC skeleton for a mascot soldier have been announced.

For some-more on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, that will be expelled on November 21, check out GameSpot’s examination in progress. We’re holding behind a final measure since a game’s online servers have not been switched on yet.

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