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March 14, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

The Super Smash Bros. for Switch announcement has a lot of fans vehement to see who will be some of a new register additions to a classical Nintendo fighting game. Inkling Girl and Boy are already reliable as new characters though what about new Pokémon?

Pokémon have been a partial of Super Smash Bros. given a initial diversion on a Nintendo 64. But with a new pretension means new possibilities for Pokémon to be combined to a roster.  Pokémon continues to be concerned in Nintendo’s plans, generally with a new diversion entrance to a Switch, we’ve come adult with 5 Pokémon that would fit easily on a new Super Smash Bros. roster.

SPOILER WARNING! The final entrance on a list has nonetheless to be strictly suggested so ensue with caution.

golisopod pokemon Official Golisopod art The Pokemon Company


Golisopod is one of a newer Pokémon introduced in Sun and Moon. The Bug and Water-type behemoth is a signature Pokémon of Team Skull personality Guzma, and is one of a stronger new Pokémon introduced in Gen 7.

How overwhelming would it be to have Golisopod fighting while Guzma gives out orders in a credentials like The Pokémon Trainer in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? First Impression and Aqua Jet are ideal attacks for Golisopod to use opposite a other Smash fighters.

Golisopod’s Final Smash could see Guzma seem on a margin and unleash his group of Bug-type Pokémon to conflict anyone circuitously before Golisopod lands a final blow.

buzzwole pikachu Buzzwole racing Pikachu in a Pokemon anime. The Pokemon Company


Ultra Beasts were a new kind of Pokémon introduced in Sun and Moon, so it would make clarity to supplement one of them to a Super Smash Bros. for Switch roster. There are now 11 opposite Ultra Beasts though Buzzwole feels like a ideal fit for Smash on Switch.

The Bug and Fighting-type Ultra Beast has large muscles and can be one of a heavier fighters in Smash for Switch, like Bowser or Donkey Kong. Some of Buzzwole’s attacks could embody a Lunge lurch opposite a shade or a large stomp to copy Earthquake.

Buzzwole’s Final Smash could have a other Ultra Beasts seem by an Ultra Wormhole to put a beatdown on whoever gets too close.

marshadow zmove pokemon Marshadow is prepared to perform a z-move. The Pokemon Company


The categorical criminal of Pokémon a Movie: we Choose You, Marshadow also has a eminence of being a initial Ghost and Fighting-type Pokémon. Marshadow can brew a hand-to-hand quarrel skills and sneakiness to put a spiteful on a other Smash combatants.

Some of Marshadow’s specials could embody Focus Blast, to give a Pokémon some range, and a signature move, Spectral Thief, can act like a opposite as Marshadow disappears and strikes a competition from behind.

For Marshadow’s Final Smash, demeanour no serve than a special Z-Move, Soul-Stealing 7-Star Strike.

mimikyu costume pokemon Mimikyu in Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon Company


Mimikyu is another Ghost-type Pokémon that would work good in Smash for Switch. Pikachu is really expected to lapse for a new game, so have a Pokémon that longs to get a same adore as it join in a fight.

Imagine Mimikyu regulating a Disguise ability as a opposite or carrying it use Shadow Claw or Play Rough as a rush attack. There’s some engaging things Nintendo can do with Mimikyu and a singular abilities though to see it confronting off opposite or teaming adult with Pikachu is something Pokémon fans would enjoy.

For a Final Smash, Mimikyu can simply do a signature Z-Move, Let’s Snuggle Forever.


zeraora pokemon Zeraora has nonetheless to be strictly announced by The Pokemon Company Pokemon Company


Zeraora will bethe final Pokémon from Gen 7 to be strictly announced, though a datamine for a Alola Region games suggested this pristine Electric-type Pokémon was coming. Not most is famous about Zeraora solely that it’s one of a Mythical Pokémon alongside Marshadow, Mew and Celebi.

Although Zeraora is an Electric-type, it has entrance to a accumulation of Fighting-type attacks so specials could embody Close Combat and a signature attack, Plasma Fists.

Zeraora’s Final Smash can be roughly anything though we’d adore to see a feline Pokémon go untamed and perform a prolonged combo like Ike’s.

What do we consider of a list? Which Pokémon do we wish are combined to Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch? Let us know in a comments territory below.

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