Super Smash Bros. Melee: Shine 2017 facilities reigning champs and godslayers alike

August 23, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

This weekend, top-level Super Smash Bros. Melee players will accumulate in one of New England’s many iconic cities for one of a game’s many strong tournaments: Shine 2017.

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  • Although this is only a second iteration of a Shine contest series, a entrance final year left it in high venerate by players and village total alike. As a result, many informed names on Boston tournament’s attendee list.

    Prominent returnees embody Shine 2016 champion Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, Joseph “Mango” Marquez, and Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma. These 3 members of Smash’s “Five Gods” will have to demeanour out for a dual fittingly-named “godslayers” in attendance: Justin “Plup” McGrath and William “Leffen” Hjelte.

    Here’s what to design from that built contest field.

    Golden Glove Marquez

    Mango’s contest formula were common for a initial half of 2017. Numbers such as ninth, seventh, and 13th were looking informed for a fan-favorite Melee veteran. However, his new formula will demonstrate to a thespian alleviation in his performance.

    After holding down Melee’s best player, Adam “Armada” Lindgren, in May to win Royal Flush, he after went on to place second during a Evolution Championship Series and initial during a built Super Smash Con in mid-August.

    Mango’s opening during Smash Con was exceptional; he took down seasoned Pikachu categorical Jeffrey “Axe” Williamson as good as Plup in a winners finals and Mew2King twice, in a semifinals and grand finals. He narrowly missed personification his arguably biggest hazard in Hungrybox.

    Although Mango has a upper-hand in his set count opposite Hungrybox this year, their any assembly seems adult in a air. It could go possibly approach if they play any other during Shine. Mango has some movement after Smash Con, though can he supplement another pretension before Aug comes to a close?

    The fable of SFAT

    Zach “SFAT” Cordoni is set to attend Shine 2017, and is a aspirant we competence or competence not have approaching to be mentioned alongside titans such as Mango or Hungrybox. His opening during final year’s Shine, however, is value mentioning.

    At Shine 2016, a seventh-overall Fox categorical tore by a winners joint and met adult with Hungrybox, who traditionally squashes SFAT any time they accommodate in-bracket. That account was rewritten during Shine 2016.

    SFAT, in a disagreeable arrangement of revenge, degraded Hungrybox in winners semifinals. After removing sent to losers in a subsequent round, he faced another God in Mango in losers finals. There, in another rare feat for a underdog, SFAT won 3-2.

    Although he mislaid to Mew2King in a grand finals, SFAT’s gameplay and his upsets were unforgettable. He competence not be on a same tier of some other competitors, though it he competence put together another dermatitis opening this weekend.

    More importantly, his Cinderella story shows that even a many doubtful of players can disintegrate a gatekeepers.

    The banes of a Puff main

    Hungrybox is deliberate a No. 2 actor in a world. Competitors such as Leffen and Plup, however, don’t seem to be disheartened by his ranking; these dual Fox mains, notwithstanding Hungrybox’s laxity with a matchup, have recently given a second-best actor in a universe trouble.

    Plup has proven he can consistently kick Hungrybox, only as he did during DreamHack Atlanta final month, or even some-more recently during Super Smash Con. And after narrowly losing to Mango in a five-game set, Plup is looking plain on all fronts.

    Leffen, too, has a prohibited palm opposite Hungrybox. At Get On My Level late final month, “Big Leff” took down Hungrybox in both a winners joint and grand finals. And Mew2King, who has historically struggled opposite Hungrybox, also kick a Jigglypuff categorical during Smash Con and looks good going into Shine.

    In short, Hungrybox will need to put togather a new plan opposite Fox players to urge his chances of winning this weekend. Plup, a rising godslayer, and Leffen, as large a hazard as ever, should infer to be soaring obstacles to all 3 of a Gods.

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