Super Smash Bros. Melee Player The Moon to Guest Star on CBS’ Elementary

January 9, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

In a follow-up to their proclamation that Call of Duty’s Jkap would be guest starring on CBS’ Elementary, Ryan ‘The Moon’ Coker-Welsh has been announced as another guest star in a same episode.

The Moon was sealed to Misfits in Nov after leaving The Kingsmen in August.

It’s misleading accurately what ability Jkap and The Moon will play on Elementary, though a expel list would positively seem to indicate that a partial will underline esports in some way. 

This is a second time a Smash actor has done his approach to radio – though not as partial of a match.

Episode 514 of Elementary will atmosphere on Feb 19 on CBS.

Update: Elementary Writer and Producer Jeffrey Paul King told theScore esports’ Daniel Rosen and Gabriel Zoltan-Johan that a episode in doubt will be about a murdered streamer.

“As partial of a story, Sherlock and Watson finish adult during a gaming house.” he said. “We motionless it would be a cold curtsy to a eSports universe to use tangible professionals as extras in that scene. So we’re regulating 5 guys from 4 opposite games.”

It’s also been forked out to us that CLG’s Nakat was also featured on Disney XD’s Gaming Show dual years ago in a short clip.

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