Super Smash Bros. might fill the register with Shovel Knight

August 26, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

Shovel Knight could be announced as a new impression in Super Smash Bros.

Rumors per Shovel Knight’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. have been present for several months, though NintendoLife claims his exhibit is closer than we think. According to mixed sources, Shovel Knight is approaching to be announced as a warrior in Super Smash Bros. with Nintendo also announcing an amiibo for Yacht Club Games’ iconic character. That amiibo was previously leaked, nonetheless many believed it to be fake.

Adding some-more glow to this gossip glow is a fact Yacht Club Games has teased a “megaton” exhibit this week. “We’ve listened a cries of bringing some-more disdainful calm to Nintendo platforms,” Yacht Club Games says in a press release. “It competence not be utterly what we expect… though keep an eye out for another MEGATON proclamation soon!”

With PAX Prime going on this week, we can’t assistance though consider that would be a best place to make this announcement. Hopefully not usually will Shovel Knight be a playable warrior with his possess amiibo, though if he is announced, we wish a wait won’t be too prolonged to play as him.

[Via NintendoLife]

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