Super Smash Bros. Has ‘Something Big’ Coming to CEO 2015

May 27, 2015 - Super Smash Bros

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Nintendo’s Super SMash Bros. has been a renouned inclusion during CEO annually, so fans were a bit unhappy and endangered when a trailer for this year’s accommodate adult did not embody Smash. However, CEO has positive fans that there is zero to worry about, that Smash has ‘something big’ entrance to CEO.

“I only watched a trailer and we didn’t see pound did something occur that it got dropped?” one fan asked CEO on Twitter. The CEO Twitter comment responded with, “to be continued… As a trailer says. Smash has something large entrance to #CEO2015. Next Trailer.”

What could this ‘something big’ be? The apparent answer is a proclamation of some-more new characters entrance to Smash. Nintendo has already done it transparent that it skeleton on releasing some-more DLC for a game, and sound files for Street Fighter’s Ryu and Roy from Fire Emblem have already been unearthed in a game’s codebase. Could CEO be where a proclamation of those dual characters is made?

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