‘Super Smash Bros.’ Has Been Reimagined With Hot, Burly Bears

July 6, 2017 - Super Smash Bros

We adore when gifted artists take one of a favorite video games or animation obsessions and reimagine a characters as odd folk. Artist Leonardo Gutierrez did only that with his “Bearsionated” Super Smash Bros. seriesand a outcome is flattering fantastic.

Leo and his crony Ian are a founders of OSO Apparel. “We are Leo and Ian, friends with a idea to emanate high-quality conform for people like us — bear lovers, geeks and fashion-forward folk,” their Facebook page reads. “OSO is a result, and a mania to span fun, flirty designs with value in craftsmanship, and to share that with you.”

The span have combined all forms of select pieces to supplement to your closet. Their latest is a “Super Smash Bears” line. There are 4 shirts a twin are offered to go along with 12 illustrations. They are offered styles for Mario, Pikachu, Link and Donkey Kong.

Hopefully, once those sell out, they will emanate shirts for a other 8 characters as well.

Here are a 12 Super Smash Bros. bear illustrations:

Super Smash Bear Mario

super pound bros. bears mario

“It’s a tee – Mario! Our suggested Super Smash Bear is prepared to lay siren in this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over imitation of a favourite creation it sleet silver – yahoo!”

Super Smash Bear Pikachu

super pound bros. bears pikachu

“Pikachu bursts from a high weed and right into a Super Smash Bears squad! Guaranteed to make we see double, this handmade soft-touch sublimated tee facilities an all-over imitation of Pikachu certain to accept howling applause.”

Super Smash Bear Donkey Kong

super pound bros. bears dickey kong

“Donkey Kong barrels onto a stage in a Super Smash Bears lineup! We are bananas for this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee, featuring an all-over imitation of Donkey Kong flexing during his finest.”

Super Smash Bear Link

super pound bros. bears link

“Hey, listen! Our Super Smash Bear Link might be famously few of difference – though has copiousness to uncover in this handmade, soft-touch sublimated tee. Ready your rupees for this all-over imitation of a logging Link – though make note – Deku nuts are sole separately.”

Super Smash Bear Luigi

super pound bros. bears luigi

Super Smash Bear Captain Falcon

 super pound bros. bears falcon

Super Smash Bear Kirby

super pound bros. bears kirby

Super Smash Bear Samus

super pound bros. bears samus

Super Smash Bear Fox

super pound bros. bears fox

Super Smash Bear Yoshi

super pound bros. bears yoshi

Super Smash Bear Ness

super pound bros. bears ness

Super Smash Bear Jigglypuff

super pound bros. bears jigglypuff

To collect adult a tee — we know we wish one — conduct here.

source ⦿ https://unicornbooty.com/super-smash-bros-bears/

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