Super Smash Bros.’ Greatest Pro Player is Surprisingly Retiring

January 15, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros. has been creation a rounds on a rival stage given a winning lapse on a Wii U a while back, and one of a players that’s finished a name for himself from a diversion is Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios. He’s managed to win dozens of tournaments over a past few years, and has even managed to achieve a universe record for many uninterrupted contest wins in a quarrel – 53. That was finished behind in 2015.

But there comes a time when even a best players in a universe feel like doing something new, and Barrios finished it transparent this weekend on his Twitter account. In a nutshell, he’s timid from rival Smash play – during least, for a time being.

Here’s a discerning matter that sums adult his feelings. “The law is that we mislaid passion in stream Smash 4. But we contingency clarify, this diversion is obliged for a many success I’ve had in my life and some of my fondest memories. we adore this game, we unequivocally do. we adore Smash Bros in ubiquitous as well. However, we only don’t have that ‘fire’ that we used to have for Smash 4. we used to be means to pull myself so simply and but bid behind in a day” … “but nowadays, we flattering most have to force myself to do it.”

“I expect we will wish to attend once again in tournaments once a subsequent iteration of Smash Bros. is on a horizon. If that’s Smash 5, Smash Switch, or even a large Smash 4 Deluxe update… that’s going to be adequate to move me behind in a scene.”

So it sounds like he’s holding a interregnum until Nintendo announces what’s entrance subsequent for a Smash series. Rumors are present that a association will announce some installation of diversion for a Nintendo Switch this year, be it an modernized pier of Super Smash Bros. from a Wii U days, or maybe even an wholly new diversion that dials behind in to a character of Melee.

Whatever a case, we wish Barrios a best of fitness in whatever he does next.

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