Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch Pre-E3 2018 Character Wishlist

June 9, 2018 - Super Smash Bros

Earlier today, Shacknews pacifist into what to design from a E3 2018 Nintendo Direct. Of course, a initial object on a list was Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch. The latest entrance in a array will be a centerpiece of Nintendo’s E3 presence, with possibly a Nintendo Direct or a Super Smash Bros. E3 Invitational (or both) approaching to exhibit new characters.

That means it’s a good time to dirt off a aged Super Smash Bros. Character Wishlist. This positively isn’t a initial time Shacknews has left into that characters we’d like to see in Super Smash Bros., initial oblivious over a 3DS and Wii U omissions and afterwards after reworking a wishlist for a Smash Bros. Figher Ballot. The Fighter Ballot eventually led to Bayonetta as a game’s final character.

Operating on a arrogance that all Smash 4 characters are returning, here’s a newly-revised sense wishlist.

Spring Man

One of Nintendo’s many sparkling new IPs of a Switch epoch has been Arms. The stretchy-limbed pugilists have proven their ability to do conflict on a 3D battlefield. But what happens when a Arms fighters go into a 2D star of Super Smash Bros.?

Spring Man is arguably a face of a authorization and he could be to Smash Bros. what Dhalsim is to Street Fighter. His limbs could widen out to furious proportions, giving him a longest strech of any sense in a game. Spring Man could also work likewise to Little Mac, utilizing a counter/parry as one of his special moves.

The fun in including Spring Man (or any of a other Arms fighters) would be that he could implement opposite sets of Arms over a march of a game. Different special moves could be mapped to opposite sets of arms, with his side-special regulating a Boomerang arms and his neutral special environment foes fervent with a Toaster arms. There’s a lot of room for creativity for Spring Man, while other Arms characters can make cameos as Assist Trophies.

Agent 8

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch is already welcoming in a Inklings from Splatoon, though a Splatoon Inklings are mostly faceless characters. Well, aside from Pearl and Marina, anyway. So since not deliver an actual, tangible sense from a Splatoon universe?

Despite a fact that a Octo Expansion hasn’t been released, Agent 8 has already done an sense on a Splatoon community. Part of it a character’s backstory of being a genetically engineered amnesiac. Another partial of it is this character’s graphic look, rocking a leather stand tip and boots. The sense usually looks like a badass, regardless of either players opt for Agent 8 to be a child or a girl.

Agent 8’s Super Smash Bros. moveset can change from his/her Inkling counterparts, interjection to their inlet as an Octoling. This opens a doorway for clearly opposite attacks, some of that can be formed on some of a some-more singular qualities of Splatoon 2’s Octo Expansion.

And of course, a choice could be there for players to name a masculine or womanlike chronicle of Agent 8.

Prince Sidon

Don’t demeanour during me like that. Whose wishlist is this?

Put Prince Sidon’s beefcake component aside for a second. His wooer heroism, his selflessness, and his infectiously certain celebrity done him a transparent dermatitis sense of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild. Then there’s his smile. There’s something alluring about a male who always takes caring of his teeth.

On tip of that, Sidon is regarded as one of a biggest warriors of a Zora tribe, with his exploits documented opposite Zora’s Domain. The best one involves him removing swallowed by an Octorok and busting out of a savage from a inside.

Prince Sidon could be as quick as Sheik, while means to swing several Zora weaponry. In further to a spear, Sidon’s descent inclination could come from his mythological archery skills.

Admittedly, this is a prolonged shot, though it’s fun to consider about Prince Sidon fasten a playable roster.

Shovel Knight

Speaking of prolonged shots, let’s demeanour during indie gaming heavenly Shovel Knight. He’s starred in an journey that not usually celebrates a really best of a 8-bit gaming era, though actively improves on many of a shortcomings. That’s a large reason since Shovel Knight has sole so well, generally on Nintendo platforms.

For those who weren’t around for a final sense wishlist, Shovel Knight not usually fits thematically with a Smash Bros. aesthetic, though mixed parties have done a box for since he’d fit a array mechanically. Here’s developer Yacht Club Games weighing in. Here’s a relapse of special moves. Here’s a video of Shovel Knight rendered in a Smash Bros. art style.

As most fun as it’s been to applaud Nintendo’s tip first-party and third-party games via a company’s history, this indie gaming mascot has some-more than warranted a right to join a Smash Bros. register of fighters.

Simon Belmont

Let’s usually keep a list of prolonged shots going.

Simon Belmont has a eminence of being on his third sense wishlist. And a some-more he ends adult on these lists, a longer his contingency become. A large partial of since he’s some-more doubtful than ever to make a Smash Bros. register is since of a state of publisher Konami. Metal Gear spin-offs aside, Konami has especially been committed to pachinko machines and mobile gaming over a past integrate of years.

However, Konami lifted a few eyebrows by divulgence that it would be introducing a span of new Switch games subsequent week, that would clearly indicate to a uninformed operative relationship. If that’s a case, there’s an outward possibility that Nintendo and Konami might combine on a Smash Bros. cameo character.

The Smash Bros. village is looking during a lapse of Solid Snake, though that could be a disorderly event from a PR standpoint, given a ugly inlet of creator Hideo Kojima’s depart from Konami. Fortunately, there’s a opposite Konami authorization that has a storied story on Nintendo platforms.

Castlevania was one of a categorical pillars of a classical 8-bit NES, that was one of a primary reasons that Smash 4 introduced Mega Man onto a roster. Simon Belmont was once in a pantheon of old-school NES heroes, holding his place subsequent to a Blue Bomber, Mario, Link, and Pit.

Simon Belmont’s whip has been asleep for too long, with a sense radically left behind in a 90s, as Castlevania eventually changed on to other members of a vampire-slaying Belmont clan. Super Smash Bros. could be a possibility for a new epoch to accommodate a male who would slay Dracula. And like in a final sense wishlist, I’ll indicate out that it’s a possibility to reunite that aged Captain N: The Game Master trio of Simon, Pit, and Mega Man one some-more time.

Ice Climbers

Remember how unhappy long-time Smash Bros. players were that Smash 4 didn’t underline a Ice Climbers? There was a unsentimental reason for that. The Wii U/3DS hardware wasn’t utterly able of estimate a Ice Climbers as a tandem character. (Similarly, a hardware couldn’t hoop transformations, hence since transforming characters were separated.)

So what improved approach to sell that a Switch is a new hardware hotness than by display that a new Smash Bros. can hoop a Ice Climbers? This could symbol Popo and Nana’s jubilant lapse to a series, braggadocio both classical and new moves to excite both a doctrinaire Smash Bros. crowd, as good as a old-school fans that have remained constant to Super Smash Bros. Melee?

As a bonus, maybe keep a “wobbling” glitch intact, for aged time’s sake.

Any other names we missed? Join a review and let us know in a comments.

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